Saturday, August 16, 2008


Since a week to two weeks ago, I've had the most unusual time. I started a new job. It sounded like a great opportunity and the hours were better. I should have realized that it wasn't what it seemed. I don't want to get too much into it, but just as I alluded to in the earlier post they completely lied about what my responsibilities were. It does seem that this business has a lot of shady characters, or maybe its just South Florida. I'm not sure.

So I was in this position that promised more money, less time and I believed it stable. But this past week I was in a position where I felt quitting was my only option. So I left. If I wanted to be caught in an uncomfortable position I would of preferred to stay at my previous job where I had at least knew everyone from 2 years of history with the company. But that wasn't everything.

Step back a week. My plumbing had failed on more than one occasion. Lets just say that I lived through the house being flooded for the third time and had enough of it. We decided, we both have jobs; we both have extra money; I am going to get out of there. First place we looked, the perfect house. Pool in the back, the same size if not bigger than the house we had in Texas. Also, we had a great family neighborhood with a shoreline park walking distance from the house. We got approved. Everything was wonderful.

Well, that all went out the window without the security of two positions. So we are back today. We called back the guy we rent from, got the place back. No reason to risk the funds of moving. Of course, our plumbing is still broken after our landlord came to fix it two times already.

So we said f-it, we are out of here. I am on a layover right now on our way to the New England area. Not too sure where we are going, but hey good timing. If you look at the weather a hurricane is headed right for our home state, possibly our county.

So I will let you know how it goes. Life is interesting.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This sucks... Yet again

Actually it has been a few years since I was unemployed, but even now I remember how miserable it was. I don't feel to bad about it this time. There is nothing like moving from a stable position to one where they lied to you about its stability and exactly what your role would be and pretty much everything about the position. So, I am once again unemployed. But I am optimistic as I said before.

I will actively search and put myself out everywhere and hope that I get a bite, an interview or anything soon. Since I am a recruiter, might as well work on the side. I am good at it.

Lets see how this goes.