Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Barnabus

Here's our little baby when I was at 12 weeks during the pregnancy. We went to the ultrasound for the type that can tell if they may have down syndrome or any other chromosomal abnormalities. This little one was snug and didn't want to move. They couldn't get the reading from what seemed like half an hour. They would push and poke at my belly and the little one would squirm and kick and then rest in the same spot. They finally found a way to get around moving the stubborn little baby/fetus, whatever. I found the entire experience amusing. The baby had a healthy heart beat and seemed perfectly fine to me, so I didn't worry of anything else. Maybe that was naive of me, but I am not ignorant of down syndrome and know what it would take. It didn't phase me in the least, because I was still watching my child.

Well, the baby is fine. Low chances of any problems. Now I just have to stay indoors most of the time because everyone is afraid of me getting the swine flu. No vaccines available for even pregnant women in any county near us in South Florida. Man has our health department failed in timely production. Those in most risk of dying can't even access the vaccine and in Palm Beach they said they distributed the shots to 80 doctors in the area, but don't say which ones for those who need them. Great mismanagement and in the news they only seem to publish how people are afraid to get the shot rather than not being able to, or possibly they could publish where to get the shots rather than directing you to a government site that doesn't say where the shots are either. I would get it in a minute if I could. I just want to protect my family that is growing at this time.

Nothing else new. Now I am into the second trimester and I am still having a few bouts of nausea and I could not get myself out of bed this morning at all. But, nothing too big that I can't handle. I am just lucky that I am not restricted to a work schedule. Don't know the sex yet, but the name above is just what me and my husband started telling everyone its name is. No one seems to like it, funny. Well, till we figure out the sex does it really matter?

Sunday, October 04, 2009


I wanted to wait to write on here till I announced my pregnancy to everyone in my personal life. Now I believe that is done, on with the blog. All I have been thinking of is the life that is to come next year. I am in my first trimester of pregnancy, almost to the second. I announced to everyone because I just started to show. Face it, once you start showing it is kinda hard to hide.

So here it is I've been suffering from morning sickness and other unpleasant pregnancy symptoms for the past few weeks. All is forgiven when I see the little one on ultrasound. I have the pictures up in my house and I know I'll have another in another few weeks. I think I'll be able to tell the sex by then.

This is the furthest I've ever gone into a pregnancy with no problems and this was done completely naturally! After doctors told me that was not possible. It is true, if you have PCOS, before going the meds route do try weight loss. I had lost 35 pounds and it happened! I have little risk for multiples and less risk for diabetes as well because I just tried to loose some pounds first.

Well, I am back. It is hard to do regular posts when pregnancy is the only thing on the brain. It is a wonderful thing.