Thursday, August 26, 2010

Continued List

What I've missed as I've finally got the little one to sleep:

- Breast feeding pilllow, don't remember what its called off hand.
- Rocking chair
- Breast pads and gel pads (I know nothing for formula feeding)
- Cover for feedings where family is around
- Diaper Bag - this can be a large purse too or back pack
- Stroller - try the ones with extra storage space and get the little hook for extra bags
- Rattles and stuffed animals - can't play at first but they love anything bright colored or shiny
- Bath/soap/nail clippers/ thermometer/ brush (if full head of hair like mine)
- Breast feeding bras and tops - comfort is key and they are not always easy to find

That's it for now; but that gives an idea of basics.

Things I should have done

Since April 22nd I've been a mother. Through the end of my pregnancy and the first my little girl's life, it has been constantly busy. No one will probably forget that I was working on a proposal while in labor and after giving birth naturally I went back to working on it as needed to get it out. I know I did not write on it, but blogging just hasn't seemed as important. Then I've decided to just breastfeed our little girl and no bottles or pacifiers. That leads to sleep, feed, sleep, feed.... And so on and so forth. Then you wake up one day and your little one is three months old and things seem to slow down a bit with her. Since I have a few minutes, I've noticed a real good list online of what is really needed to buy for your coming child. I think it could be because people have their own ideas of how to raise children and one may be horrified of the methods of another. For instance, I think it is good to invest in a pack n play and a king size bed. No reason really for the expensive crib with the decked out room (thought my little girl's room is adorable, she doesn't sleep in it). Here are things that were good to get and things I think I should have bought at first:

1. Infant car seat - Key Fit 30 was a great investment. Infant car seats are needed. The convertible ones are too big right off.

2. Onesies packs - get a few... if needed. Also understand that if you have alot of friends and family, baby clothes are the easiest things for them to buy you. So you may not need to buy clothes for your baby till they get to year old clothes... Which mine is at 9 month size and 4 months. It comes quicker than you think. Onesies are easiest to deal with as exhausted when your little ones are first born.

3. King size bed - Okay I put this so at times when you are absolutely exhausted you want to have an option to have your little one next to you safely. Of course, that means be smart with them. They can't move their head from side to side, no pillows, be careful of where you put them when you are very tired. Probably put them closer to you than your partner. Mothers more instinctively sense where their babies are than fathers do at first. But this sometimes can be very convenient for parents and safer than you would believe as a first time parent. Oh yeah, not too close to the edge... Don't want the little one to fall off.

4. Pack n' play - Get this instead of a bassinet and a crib at first. They outgrow a bassinet in a blink of an eye and the pack n' play works till they are 15 pounds. My little girl just now is 15 pounds at 4 months. We are just about to move the crib to our room :) I can't see having her in a separate room just yet.

5. Swaddles - These are good to help little ones sleep till they are about two months old.

6. Gloves, hats and socks - Ones that match the little onsies more than likely. Gloves because those little nails are bad at scratching up their own face.

7. Cosco/Sams membership - For diapers and wipes! It pays off.

8. Blankets - thin and thick depending on weather. I use alot of thin ones because of the summer in Florida.

9. Towel and washcloth sets - I would say two of them

10. Detergent for babies - and stain release, they are messy little things and have sensitive skin.

My little girl is yelling at me, so to continue later.