Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Did you know that there is an infection that can occur from a naval piercing that can cause heart failure? Look it up. I've had a few piercings and have taken them out before I got married. I went to the doctor the other day and he noticed a couple of my healed piercing scars and had to tell me all about the dangers of piercings. I have to admit I have no urge towards it anymore. I don't even wear earings anymore. Another story he told me was about a girl who had a nipple piercing and two weeks later removed it. She had an abscest grow in her breast that had to be removed. He relized while removing it that the abscest ended up replacing her entire breast and she really only had the outer skin left. She had to have it rebuilt. People should know that they can be extremely dangerous sometimes. I just read a short article(it is somewhere on that page) about a girl who had to have heart surgery from having a piercing. Luckily I have had no such problems. I just notice when you look up piercings there are mostly positive articles about it. People should be warned that there are major risks for something that is mostly just a fashion accesory.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thoughts on upcoming election

Elections are on my mind, and it is interesting the amount of political advertising you see in our area. I guess that is the plus of living in a swing state. I have to say that on the side of political advertising, the democrats are winning. I see so much on the democrats it makes me sick. I think I'm going to vote straight ticket republican ticket just because how sick of them I am. Well, I was going to anyway.

Of course, I do worry about how republicans will fare in our area. I live in the congressional district of Mark Foley.... Yes, the same guy that was caught in this gay sex scandal of sorts. I had no clue who would be there to replace him till I looked it up online. Joe Negron is the man if anyone is interested. I think that most people that come to this blog are no where near where I live though. I wonder if those in other parts of the country are noticing the lack of republican advertising. Is it just because I am moving from a dominant Republican state to a swing state? I do not know.

Watching a few commercials have proved to me that it appears that the popularity of the Iraq war is waning. I was just wondering, how many Americans think it would be a good idea to pull out right now? Now I was not a big fan of the war at first, but from studying history you would have to be an idiot to think that it is a good idea to pull out now. We aren't loosing anything. We knew that it would be a long term thing. Also pulling out would create problems like there were in Afghanistan before. We have already trained them, they would start hating us for leaving and then the terrorism would grow much more popular in the area. Does that sound about right to you?

I listen to the news and to the adds and I think the country has about lost their minds. The news are writing opinion articles for news and the political adds are all saying PULL OUT NOW, PULL OUT NOW! Or there is also the case that the news prints opinion as news on Iraq. War is not a pleasant thing, but it is necessary for security. It is as simple as that, and do we really want to have the appearance of being so fickle? This seems to be the key issue that all are focusing on for this election and it is retarded to do so.

Other than that there is a focus on Bush's leadership skills. Do you really think our president is that dumb? I remember this guy on the news talking about the books that President Bush was reading at the time. He was reading Shakepeare at the time. The news guy commented on how our president discovered Shakespeare. Are you retarded? Do you seriously think that a Ivy league graduate would be just discovering Shakespeare in his 50s. I think he has thought to read it before in his life. My point is, if you are intelligent you can see how manipulative the news is. I guess I'm doing exactly what liberals usually do. They claim that only those with intelligence would vote democratic. It seems to be working for them so far. I think it is about time to turn it around on them. I personally think that if the regular person paid attention to the issues and voted the issues, that they would see themselves to be more conservative. I discovered that of myself, and I use to be a liberal. Republicans are not deceptive, they are not running the stupid and there is no reason to fear speaking out about something other than the popular opinion of the democratic party.

Like I said at the first of the post, elections are on my mind and I am sick of the democrats. I went from being a liberal democrat, to independent who was embarrassed of saying anything of my political opinions, to a definite conservative republican. I had help along the way, but I will say definitely that the democrats are brainwashed. I am not. Flame if you want, I won't pay attention to it unless you can actually post a comment to convince me of something. If you don't know who I am, I have done plenty of research to come to my current political beliefs. Right now, I'll be surprised if anyone comments though. I can't help but post my political thoughts every once and awhile. What else is there to write on at this time of the year?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Its morning and I'm tired

I hate waking up this early. It seems that it is my curse though. I'm not a morning person, so every job I've had demands that I get up before everyone else. I have to be at work at 7am. Its better than 4am. I had to get up at that time for United. I just simply do not understand the work schedule that I do. For one, I am doing 9 to 10 hours of work a day rather than the tpical 8 hours. What is the reason? I'm not paid outstandingly for it. The work amuses me. But why go past the typical work day?

I was talking with Arthur about it. He did a 7 to 3 work schedule before, and he enjoyed that schedule. I would enjoy that schedule too. Do you know that the typical work day was 9 to 5? I never knew that. I always thought it was 8 to 5. I guess some places just demand longer. Lunch counts for nothing. Nothing to quit your job over. What does it matter. The place does it to keep up with compatition. I just hope we don't end up like the Japanese and killing ourselves early from so much work. Ah... Oh well, it will happen anyway.

I've wasted enough time. Now I have to go. Just wanted to get something up. I noticed I only posted once last month. September went by in a flash. I expect the same of October. Well, that is it for now. I have to go to work. Can't be late.