Thursday, August 17, 2006

What I want to be when I grow up

When looking for a job in the past I had a tendency to look too much into what I wanted to be later on in life. It took me awhile to relize that I should just go for whatever the hell I can get... minus Job Coach. I don't want to do that again. I feel like I've been constantly looking for work for the past year. Its not that I've been unemployed that whole time either. I've been told I'm the expert in the family on looking for jobs. That is what I spend my spare time doing, filling out job applications and writing cover letters. I've been to about seven job interviews in the past few weeks as well. I do have a job set up to where I only have a week off from the one I just quit and then I start again at a new place. Of course, I did this again because I moved to a new area... I'm not close enoough to Miami to work there. I still have this part of me that wants to be somewhat involved with "what I want to be when I grow up" sort of thing. That was why I worked for United Airlines for awhile. Anyway, at the same time there hasn't been one area specifically that I wanted to go into when I grow up. I'll give you an example:

1. Professor/Teacher- This is what my parents do and this is what most people know what I want to do. I've always thought I was a natural at teaching. I do well at job interviews where the position requires something to do with teaching as well. There are a couple of things keeping me from any such position, an upper level degree or a teaching certificate. I'm still attempting to get into a Master's program. I'll see how that works.

2. FBI/ Federal Agent- Okay, this one is a little sillier because I first wanted to go into doing this from growing up watching X-Files. I was a little too obsessed with that show. Still, I have attempted to get federal jobs. I don't think it will work. Well, they require good credit and to be in some sort of shape... Yep, like I said, I don't think its going to work out.

3. Pilot- I think this is one of the most far fetched one of them all. That is why I went into working at United Airlines, at least I had the opportunity to fly alot. I think I would also need that surgery to correct my vision or something to be a pilot. I don't know. I really gave up on that one a long time ago.

4. Astronaunt- This is the most far fetched one of them all. But now you see why I wanted to be a pilot? I loved astronomy. I wanted to have some opportunity to go into space. Hey, it could happen. Millionares can do it now. So that is all I need, to become a multi-millionare.

5. Virologist- Once upon a time I was a biology major and this was why. I wanted to study viruses. I still think they are fasinating, but I discovered that chemistry is hard. So that dream has dies. I don't put this one as far fetched though. I keep thinking that if I try one more time that I could pass chemistry.... I just would just need to go back to college. Maybe later.

6. Political Cartoonist- Still a possibility, I think I just have the problem of not being original enough. I can draw, but no ideas. That is why I post others political cartoons. Granted that I think most political cartoonists are unoriginal and liberal assholes, but I couldn't follow that model. It just wouldn't be right.

I think that is enough for now. But I have a question, who actually thinks that they want to be a clerical worker or an HR assistant when they grow up? I personally am a little biased against HR at this point. I think HR is a nonsense position. I would think that most people would want more interesting positions. But more than likely, I will be an administrative assistant soon enough. Not HR, they actually have a degree for that. Have you ever heard of anything more bullsh*$t than an HR degree?

Friday, August 04, 2006

Dear Diary

I have kept diaries since I was in middle school. At least I have on and off. I have always enjoyed the act of journaling and I treat it like an old friend. I recently came across one of my oldest diaries. I let my husband read it. What did it really matter, it is the thoughts and actions of a 14 to 15 year old girl, or maybe I was 16. I don't really remember. He really gets into reading those things, like he loves studying me. Now I see one of consequences from doing such a thing. I picked up a new diary. A leather bound book of blank pages, I love them. I couldn't help it. I came home and started writing in it. My journaling had stopped with the blog and I need to start that again. I mean it's not like I can really do the same thing online. You can't really share your heart and your raw emotion to anyone who could possibly want to simply stop by your web page. After I finished writing he looked over and asked if I wrote how I was sorry for not writing to the diary before because I hadn't purchased it before now. Yes, that sounds about what I would usually do. Hey, like I said I write to them as an old friend. I've read diaries where the person writes simple and basic info of their day. That is so boring! I can't take that. One thing that I love more than anything else is letters. I love reading old letters and such. Sometimes I miss the fact the act of letter writing is more or less dead, taken out by email. I write the diary like a letter. I think it makes it so much more interesting when you look back. Maybe that is why Arthur was drawn in? I don't know. Hmm.... I just know I must sleep. Diary and then blog is a little much, but on the weekend I have time. What can I say? Laters.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Moving as a pack rat

When I finally get unpacked I will be extremely happy. Part of me wonders when the hell that could possibly happen at this point. We moved as I wrote in my last post. The movers were assholes and were not very good with my stuff. For instance, the grand piano... My most precious possession, is unplayable. I'm not sure when we will be able to get someone out here to make it playable again. It is painful seeing it like that. They put the thing together without me being in the room. So I was extremely pissed. I was getting ready for a job interview and my husband was the first one to notice there was something wrong with the keys. They won't go down. So it makes it difficult to play it. I yelled at the movers as I left to not touch another damned thing as I walked out the door, and that is what they did. The furniture is together, but everything else is in boxes.

This is not my first time to move. I've understood how painful it is for me to move from my previous moves within Texas: Terrill to Paris, moves within Paris, Paris to Amarillo, moves within Amarillo, Amarillo to San Marcos, San Marcos to Brenham, Brenham back to San Marcos, San Marcos to San Antonio and now finally down here to the treasure coast of Florida... I think that is what it is called. Most of those moves are from the point I started college to this point, and I think some of my boxes have not been unpacked since highschool. That is the main reason I say "painful" in describing moving, I am a pack rat. I keep everything, and I think I feel it more in this move than any other. I finally have decided, why do I need a full collection of RL Stine Fear Street books from when I was in elementary school? That is just one example. Then there are the ones that I keep questioning "what the hell do I do with them", but I can't get myself to thow them away. I have college newspapers from when I was an editor. I have trophies from playing soccer in elementary school (I threw them away because they were destroyed anyway). I start to argue with myself about these possessions. What if I want them in the future for some reason? Am I hurting myself by throwing them away? Yes, I start the process of putting them in give away boxes, and then question if they will ever leave my living room floor.... I get attached to possessions too much. It is a problem.

So we will see how long the place will remain in this state. Our main stuff is unpacked right now. I just wonder if there is room for all my junk. I may need Art's assistance in throwing things away. Yes, it can be painful to go through this process. Well, now I must get ready for work. I will write later.