Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Time for warm milk....

I can't seem to sleep so it seems as good of time as any to write. The main things on my mind involve work and the fact I just accepted a position elsewhere. It is a little nerve wracking moving from my comfort zone of the position I've been at for the past two years. But I have to remember why I am leaving, respect, money and more time. The ultimate goal. Working for less hours and for more money. It is hard to come by with someone of my work background... which these two years is about all I have.

I spent about a week negotiating the rate and everything for the position. I feel like I moving to an executive position with how long it has taken to get hired on. Though that is definitely not the case.

Enough about work, there is plenty else going on in the world. I feel at times disconnected. Every time I look to the TV though, I can hardly believe what I hear. For instance, does anyone really like these presidential candidates? And if you do, can you provide a LEGITIMATE answer as to why? For the life of me I really do not understand. It appears to me we have a liberal and a communist running against each other. Can you guess which would be each role? Is there really a difference. Its a toss up to me.

Yeah, I use to hate labels, but I really don't care anymore. There seem to be quite legitimate reasons for labels. There is not some way to understand the reason why everyone feels the way they do. Some people just come about their decisions because they "feel like it" or by faith. Now, as a person of faith I do not count against anyone who may come to their decisions with the backing of faith... Provided they still have some amount of reason behind it. And Saint Thomas Aquinas proved many years ago that we can come to decisions on faith WITH the backing of reason. Though I do ask one thing, if you do come by your decision upon faith alone, WHY WON'T YOU AT LEAST ADMIT IT. Few will on the side of liberalism, and no it isn't just the guidance of Ann Coulter that lead me to these thoughts. You realize this in basic conversations.

For instance, try bringing up the topic of abortion or gay rights? Can you legitimately argue these with most people? No you can't. Most people will make decisions on these topics based upon faith and not reason. Now I do admit my faith does guide me with both. But once someone can convince me that gay rights and abortion go along with natural law... I will at least listen, and don't think I haven't read the argument before... At least with abortion.

Anyway. I am going to attempt to sleep again. Since I will be utterly shocked if more than my two to three fans reads this. Two of the three will read in disgust, but hey, what am I but truthful. Goodnight!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

How to find a job?

Now if you are looking for a new position in a hurry, job seeking can be like a full time job in itself. It takes research, writing and primarily knowing how to correctly market yourself to the position that you believe you are eligible.

1. First it takes having knowledge of your work history and references. It is best to get your complete resume (at least the bread and butter of it, education, work history, etc). Now the reason I say the bread and butter is because you may be forming your resume differently or enhancing certain parts of your experience depending on position.

This actually takes time unless you are literally straight out of school. For example, I realized that I completely forgot my supervisor's name and contact information for one of my prior positions. I speak awhile trying to track it down to realize I would have to improvise because he did not appear to be there anymore.

2. Second I use all of the regular sites (or a few, there are definitely more):


Apply to ANYTHING that sounds interesting to you. You never know what could happen. The last thing you want to do is to be too picky. Sometimes it is best to take what you can get and keep searching. You may not find your dream job right off the bat, but I am getting ahead of myself.

Put up your resume, MAKE IT PUBLIC. Don't be afraid of employers and recruiters contacting you. In today's day and age recruiters are your friend. I do not just say that because I am one. More than likely if a recruiter calls you for one position that you don't like, maybe he will know of others that might be a better fit. Hear them out, that is ALL THEY DO! They get people into positions, they look at resumes and they know of other employers that you might be interested in. Honestly, I would listen to opportunities even when you are not actively looking, you never know if they have a better deal.

Now you notice I DID NOT say get out your local newspaper. Yes, there are still positions on your ONLINE paper and the regular paper. In doing that you are missing most employment opportunities. You would be better off looking at Craigslist now a days than that. It is knowing where people are posting positions. Smaller companies might go for the free or cheaper sites, that is why you also use indeed.com or simplyhired.com which searches multiple sites at once.

3. Cover letter's are required! I do not apply for anything without a cover letter to the hiring manager. This entails of where I found the position, my skills that show why I am the ideal candidate for the position and about wanting an interview with the hiring manager in person.

Now this may also mean reading the description of each position and editing your resume as well before you submit it to bring out certain previous skills. As I said earlier, it can be like a full time position.

4. The interview! Yeah, it is great when you get to this point. Sometimes it takes a day and sometimes it takes a month. No matter how long it takes it is good to be PREPARED! Read up as much as you can on the company. It is actually not only to find out details to throw out in the interview to show you did your research, but you also want to protect yourself from falling into a crappy position or a scam. If they ask for money to take the position, RUN AWAY!

Back on topic, have two edited resumes with you to take to the interview with references included. Here is where you have to put in money, have a nice dark suit. Girls, no high heals or flashy tops (it is not always a horny guy you are interviewing with, and even if it is that is not the best way to start off a position). Guys, black or charcoal gray suit with black dress shoes and do not wear a red tie (or a purple one.. Which brings to mind). No crazy color's or backpacks. You should be business professional. Believe me it matters when you interview with many applicants, they will disqualify BEFORE YOU SPEAK if you dress wrong.

Be prepared of basic questions, why you were interested in the position particularly, about why you are making a move, where you see yourself in five years. Sometimes it is best to seriously think of those things before you go. They are going to expect answers.

Now BE PREPARED TO ASK QUESTIONS. You should know about what you are going into and try to find out as much as possible about the position when there. If you are nervous, write them down. I always bring in a pad and paper with me in a folder with my resume. There are usually details that I need and write before I leave.

5. Follow up after interview. Be sure to have name and number of the hiring manager and follow up to show your interest. Now do not stalk.... That might piss them off, but it doesn't hurt to try and keep your name in front of them. Some write thank you letters. I actually have not done this. If it is effective please let me know. I have written emails though to them, and sometimes that works.

Hopefully after going through a few interviews you will land something. I did accept one position during the interview. I do not think I will do that again. I prefer to go back home and discuss with my husband or ANYONE else about the position before I accept it. Want to make sure I am not crazy to other's standards for taking the position. Also, it sometimes is best to think things over.

6. My final tip is to be respectful of your previous employer no matter the reason leaving and give a two week notice. They may not take it, but it is best to not burn any bridges. You never know when you will need anything from someone you use to work with.

That brings me to conclusion. Even going through this entire process of finding a job, I can say that most jobs you will probably get is through NETWORKING. Tell friends and family that you are looking (as long as they are not connected with current employer if you are still working there). They may know someone looking. I don't know how many times that is how people get their next position. I almost moved to a new position because of someone I worked with previously was hiring at with their new employer. Those can be the best because you have an in.

Now, this reminds me that I could write a book on this stuff. It really isn't too complicated to figure out, but it is something that you SHOULD read up on if you haven't searched in awhile or if this is your first time.

Good luck to anyone else who is looking!