Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to El!

I just realized as I looked quickly at my archives that my blog is two years old.... Well, it is starting it's third year tomorrow. That is one reason why I can't abandon this thing. I started the blog right after my second semester as a grad student at Texas State. Thus the reason for the address: "blogfromsanmarcos". That doesn't quite fit anymore. I was single at that point. I drank at that point and I will be suprised if I ever have a job that easy again. I started this primarily for pictures and art. It still has that purpose at times. When I look back though I realize there is much more to it. The comments between my friends and I that give away our lives, the random facts of my crazey life and then when I finally met Arthur. I admit that I didn't keep up with this as much once I was at the point of getting married. There are things in your life that are just not for everyone. One thing I was somewhat vocal about was changing from democrat to republican. Though I have to admit once I did changed over I don't bother much with political argument. You find that most are do certain they are right that they won't listen to reason. What reason is there to really try? Oh, I still will everyonce and awhile.

Here are some pics through the years:

First pic on my blog.

Me over three years ago.

Perfect timing on trip to Miami, just in time for Katrina.

Then the wedding.

No pictures for now past the wedding.

This is it for now. Till next time!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

West Coasters, East Coasters... They're the same.

Texas owes the United States for just about everything. Ever since American emigres helped to foment a rebellion against the Mexican government of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana, other American citizens have regularly come to the aid of Texas without so much as a demand for a quid pro quo. During this 1836 rebellion, American volunteers, many from Tennessee (including former US Congressman Davy Crockett) went to Texas to aid the Texian rebels with little more than the expectation that they would get to fight a little bit. Their efforts helped to create the Republic of Texas, not that they get much of the credit compared to 'real' Texans.

- the left coaster

Crockett monument

I would put more, but as showing from my lack of posts I don't have much time. I'm still keeping this up though I really don't have the time right now. I have a twenty page paper due by the end of the week and I have been doing well at keeping up with class. I don't wish to change anything. Business is good and life is good. I just get disturbed by stupidity as usual, which the quote article above shows... the whole article does. I was trying to think of the best title for the post, what do you think?

Hey, maybe I'll add more in a week or so. Hope all are doing well!