Sunday, September 16, 2007

Question who is corrupt

I was just thinking of the time that I first discovered that I was possibly more conservative than I and everyone else had thought. It was rather simple really. Have you ever taken those little political tests you find on the internet? I did love taking those for awhile. Maybe it was the idea of trying to find out who I really should be supporting. At that point I didn't really find myself on the side of the democrats. For instance, I always thought that beurocracy was really ineffective. Can anyone say that when the state takes over things that they run more effectively? Try to think of one.

The next point. I was no longer pro-abortion/pro-choice. I say no longer, because I use to be primarily because my parents are. What changed? New found understanding of life and the horrible effect that abortion has on society as a whole, for one because it is murder (most major point) and if you are one who won't believe that, there is also the point that it makes it where people do not accept responsibility of their actions. One way or another, the allowance of abortion is a major sin of our country.

Moving on, I had trouble understanding how I was a democrat at all. It was as if I voted for them for still having a fear of being labeled as a conservative or to be supportive of the republicans.... who have been labeled as corrupt. Then, I thought.... What proof is there of their corruption? I just took that as a given. The corrupt republican, who was controlled by the evil corporations that cared nothing of people. All they cared about were profit and anything to continue that profit. There was no true caring for the people of this country. So my view was to still vote democrat as a supporter of the people? Am I too far off from general thoughts of republican party. I thought to be a republican was to be stupid and to be closed off to the truth of their corrupt nature.

So the question comes, WHERE IS THE PROOF OF THE CORRUPTION? I was sitting at the computer a while back. Still professing myself as a liberal and I took a test that put my views as the same as Vice President Cheny. I was thinking to myself, are these really his views or is this his way of decieving the public. When I realized how damn paranoid my own thoughts sounded I decided to look further into his political views. I never found real proof of his corruption either. I just found the same paranoid response that originally popped up in my head that I kept questioning.

Before I knew it I started hearing the democratic party in a new light. I have a memory of being at a Dean political rally years ago and hearing people cheer over the gay rights. I sat still at that point looking out over the crowd. Forgive me if you are horribly offended by this, but that was never a point I supported even as a liberal. Just take it as my conservative biggotted family values that I was raised with (of course of you think that you obviously have no clue about my family). The only reason I even write that with an apology is because I've been approached with GREAT hostility for even slightly voicing that opinion.

The hostility is the reason I write this. Republicans are not stupid or corrupt. Many of them maybe prosperous capitalists. I had someone say that about me, that I was plainly a capitalist. Felt no insult there. What I think many democrats really need to do is to start to look at their own party when it comes to corruption and rethink of who it is that should not be trusted.

But now I have gotten use to some of my ideas being met with hostility or simply ignored rather than discussed. Whatever. If you don't care to listen, nothing will be gained. All I did was open my mind up as any good liberal says you should, and boom... I became a conservative. Funny how it works.

Now I'm just rambling on. Now I must go to sleep.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Writing is not something I've done in quite awhile. At least I've been use to doing the short story version. Now I plan to actually start to write a full story. Won't say to much more about it till it actually makes it further out than just chapter one. What I started thinking of once I started to write was what are the basic thing needed in a story line. I wrote a paper on the process of the story. I want to see how much I remember from this...

1. Start off in the original world, or the place where the hero had come from. This is where the hero had been in their home town or a place that is where they have comfort.

2. I believe there is some upset that is the next step, some challenge is given and the hero has to either willingly or unwillingly jump into the quest. I don't remember exactly what this step was called. What i do remember is that at this point in Star Wars it was when Luke was given the option of going on the quest to save the princess. In that sense he was the unwilling hero. He went because they had killed his family and he had nothing to go back to.

3. The journey of the hero I believe is the next step of the story.

For the life of me I don't remember how exactly it goes from here. I believe that there is a second conflict that happens that the hero must go through that leads to the final on with the enevitable resolution. The resolution must be done on his own without the help of friends or others to help. For instance, when Luke Skywalker destroyed the death star.

I'm going to try and go through and do a full outline. I don't think I'll trust my writing genius to guide me where my muse takes me. I think I'll be a little more realistic than that. I will let you know more as I have progress. Of course I have the assistance of my lovely husband.

Let's hope it works out! I have to say being a writer would definitely suit me better than recruiting. If nothing else comes out of it.... At least this can be entertainment.