Thursday, October 27, 2005

A meme

I saw this meme on Anastasia's blog. You put "[your name] needs" into google and list the first ten responses, then put "[your name] wants" and "[your name] gets." I think this is the first time I've done a meme. I thought this one looked interesting

El needs a load hook
El needs to be touched
El needs sanitizing
El needs full rethinking
El needs definitive answers
El needs an army of like-minded Flying Spaghetti Monsterists
El Needs Hillary
El needs your help!
El Needs a General Manager That is on top of things
El needs volunteers

EL wants home run with new fields
EL wants more chain stores
El wants to save Clark
El wants to make history
El wants newspaper Dobriye Sosedi to be stripped of its license
El wants to do 1 thing
El wants to make sure no one can tell the difference between Clark and Superman
El wants revenge for the death of his family
El wants them
El wants to send a message

El gets critical use permit
El gets council's approval
EL gets into swing of dancing
El gets loaded on Mac OS X
El gets a new trial
EL gets funky with Chicago band
EL Gets the List of Subjects
EL gets baby-wise
EL gets private helicopter service
El gets a piece of Martha

I was originally going to use my full first name, but I have a thing against Ellen DeGeneres. Most of the searches were something about her. So I stick with El. Later!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Thoughts on life

I was walking through Target today in the middle in the afternoon. The crowd that was around me stood out a little more in my mind than in the past. There was a small crowd of women there. Most of these women were there with small children and there were a few older ones with a bunch of coupons. A couple of things went through my mind when I was checking out today. One, this is the most incredibly annoying group to wait through a line with. Two, I strangely enough seem to fit in with this group. I have no children and I do not have fifty coupons with me, but I was not out of place. Would you call me house wife? Well, I'm not married. I am a home owner for the first time in my life with my fiance though, and I also do everything at home. I spend most of my time working on the house and or doing things at the house. So call me what you will. It was just a strange realization today in the check out line. If you don't understand what I mean, just browse the first few months through April of my blog. The blog has changed with the rest of my life. I know the change has been for the better. I'll write again later:)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Playing with flowers

I went on a short trip to Washington the summer before last. There was a little port town there that had several great art exhibits. There was a lady at one of the exhibits that would create her art out of flower pedals. That memory came to mind last night. This is my first try with it. Kind of cool. I used rose petals and a few leaves on construction paper. I may try it again later.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Evidently I have no style (or I've started looking at wedding dresses)

Wedding preparations are on my mind. Its as good of a time as any to start thinking about it. I am engaged, have the ring on finger and both families have been notified. Plus if I don't start thinking of it soon I'm sure my mother and all of my aunts will end up trying to take charge of planning it without me. I would get a call a few months from now from my mother,
"Just show up here at this time. Everything is already planned. Oh yes, we even picked a wedding dress for you from that place in Arkansas on our way to (the festival they go to name goes here)."
Maybe I'm just being paranoid. Regardless, I have started with buying bridal magazines for the first time and looking for such things as wedding dresses. There has been one thing that I find slightly disturbing while looking through the dresses. For example:

Now this one I actually found online. I am completely shocked that they have wedding dresses in red. The first thing that comes to mind when I look at this is Scarlett O'Hara...

Now, she wore that dress because Rhett wanted to show what whore she was, or something like that. Now why the hell would someone want to wear red like that on their wedding day? I always thought of women wanting to dress up like a princess or wearing white because of the image of purity. Red seems to give off the opposite idea.

These are from a bridal magazine. I use to get teenage magazines growing up. I've never been one for Cosmo, so I haven't invested in getting girl or women magazines in years. These pictures bring back memories of those magazines. The reason why, the horrible makeup and the stupid styles. I think it is suppose to be top of the line or something, but who the hell would want to look like that? Especially for their wedding day? I don't think these pictures really bring out how bad the make up job is. I think the artist was going for the corpse bride look with how dark the eyes look. And come on, who would not make fun of that chic for having that thing on her head. Is it part of chandelier or something? Well, I can give them credit for putting the girl in white at least. There was another where the girl wore a black dress with a black veil. I think the designer was confused about the difference between a funeral and a wedding. I would put that one up, but I don't want to look for it right now.

I don't think I'm going to find the dress of my dreams in the magazine. Even if I did I'm sure I'd be paying a good amount for it. I don't think that I want to pay anywhere close to $3000. Maybe x-out one zero and that would be a bit more reasonable. What can I say, I'm cheap! I found my prom dress for $60. I guess weddings end up costing a bit more though. I'm not stressed though. I'm sure I'll find what I want. And this isn't really a put down on bridal magazines, they've been helpful in other areas of the wedding (and there are also some pretty dresses, the odd ones just stand out more). It just seems that according to them I'm not nearly skinny enough and I have no style. But that's what I should expect, right?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I have a confession

If you asked most of my family and friends to this day about my political beliefs they would tell you that I am a liberal. They would tell you that I hate Bush and everything about being a Republican. Some would even still remember me being pro-choice and also quite the pacifist. I was a supporter of Howard Dean in the last presidential election, and I even volunteered to help with his campaign in Texas. It was around that time that the change started. I wouldn't say it was much of a change really. It was more of a true insight into the real differences of the two political parties of our country. I was raised to be a liberal. I think I posted somewhere before that I came from a family of liberal Catholics. I have been taught from a young age that if you are a conservative you must be either stupid or crazy:

"Just ignore Uncle Frank. You know he is a bit insane, spouting out his conservative beliefs." **actually he is either insane or he is simply rebelling against the rest of the family**

"I can't believe how stupid those poor people are voting for the Republican party. Don't they know that the Democrats are the ones that are more supportive of them."** I have learned that if you are poor or black you are simply a dumbass if you are not a Democrat**

About the time that I graduated from Texas State my curiosity started to grow about the republican party. I think it is mainly because I am from a red state and I wanted to know as much as possible about the other party so as to argue against them more effectively. I was also curious as to why so many people were voting Republican? Do we really have that many stupid and/or cold hearted people? Are a majority of Americans really so easily deceived?

In Texas you always have plenty of Republicans to talk to, especially around San Marcos and College Station. I found that conservatives can be rather quiet or defensive when approached with questions about their political beliefs. The main reason being that liberals think that all conservatives are automatically stupid or crazy. They are attacked from the start or are ignored. Not many people would actually discuss politics with them unless they were conservatives as well. I noticed this mostly when I was an IA. I was required to assist and talk with the students at events and such. At one of the events we could not find Republicans who were willing to join an on campus debate. The reason being, the year before they were harassed and chased off stage before they got far at all into the debate. On election night I went around and talked to everyone about why they voted the way they did. Most of the people who voted for Bush seemed surprised when I didn't start attacking them from the first.

Now to my confession. I discovered through talking with many of both parties that I actually side more with the Republican party. Yes, once my family reads this I expect hate mail. That is okay. Just wanted everyone to know that I wasn't brain washed by Art. He actually came along after I decided that I was a conservative, or we probably wouldn't have got along very well from the first. If you want to blame on anyone I'd put it on the other Republicans I have been talking too through the time of the past presidential election and through my growing love of political theory. I would put most of the blame on writers such as Burke, Aquinas, Rawls (because he makes me so angry), and Aristotle(to name a few). Yes, they have had quite an influence on my political beliefs. I am a religious person who studies natural law. It is not possible for me to be a Democrat and have such beliefs. I started to really question my political stance when I took a political quiz awhile back and it put my beliefs closest with Dick Cheney. I thought it was hilarious at the time.

So here I will put a few of my political beliefs on the blog for the first time. I am not much for writing about them because I am a perfectionist in my writing. I want to make sure I get everything right, and the blog is not something I want to put a lot of time and research into. But here we go, I won't post too many. I guess just the hot issues:

1. I am pro-life. I did put earlier that I use to be pro-choice and that is true. My opinion changed, so sue me. Why did it change? Well, I find that no woman really wants an abortion. No, it is not something that a person seeks, it is something that you grudgingly go to as a last choice(unless you are sick). I think it is wrong to give women that option. I think it is cruel for women to be put in that position. It is not an easy out either. You are killing a child. The child is not born yet but it is a human being. I also do not think that this is a woman's issue. A child comes into a family. It is created by a man and a woman both. I think putting it simply on women takes the value away from the family. In short, abortion adds problems and solves nothing.

2. I am not against the war in Iraq. I was not happy about us going into Iraq to begin with, but I believe that it shows cowardice to pull out at this point. We need to show that we can complete what we have started. I think it is important to have stability in that part of the world for our own safety and if we do not insure stability to that region then it will only increase terrorism. I don't wish to spend much time on this topic because I am still more of a pacifist. I just realize that military action is still needed at times. This is one of them.

3. I am a firm believer in religious education. What can I say, I went to both public and private school growing up and I know there is no way in hell I would have my own children (the ones I will have several years from now) attend public school. Religion is very important for a moral basis of a person and should be part of the education process. That is all I will put for that one right now.

I would go on, but the post is already long enough, and it has taken forever to write. If you actually made it through the post thanks for reading. This is the first time I felt like typing something political. Would you guess that I am a political science major?

Monday, October 03, 2005

My baby

I'm taking a short break from painting. The things I will do for a piano. You see, I have a black Wurlitzer baby grand. I adore my piano and I have missed it terribly. Since I haven't lived in a house since I graduated highschool the piano has resided in my parents' house. But now I am moving in with my fiance! A place to put the piano!

Here is an example of how important to me this is. When my parents, Art and myself were toasting a week ago to the engagement. My mothers toast was, "To having a house for the grand piano." That is no joke. And I have been preparing for the move of my piano ever since. You see, a grand piano is exspensive and difficult to move. Once you move it, that is it. It isn't something you want to move in and out for redoing the room. So this has given me incentive to start working on the house. It needs to be done anyways, and I want it done before the piano makes it here. So I'd say that the piano started all of my work.

Speaking of work, I need to get back to it. Paint, paint and more paint...

P.S. Thank you everyone for the congratulations:)