Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Slavery and Illegal Immigration

I know I haven't seen much of illegal immigration problems outside of Miami and my current home, a "sanctuary city". This means I see illegal immigrants on a daily basis, but not the extent on their treatment in day to day life. I've been appalled whenever I hear of religious organizations or others helping such people come to this country. I have heard of their reasons and how wonderful this opportunity is compared to staying at their current home. I can tell you though, they don't live the life of an American, they live the life of a slave.

Illegal Immigrants come here because they can work to stay in this country and usually to send money back home whether be to Mexico, Guatemala, or other countries they may originate from. Because of their employment being illegal in the first place they live and work without the regulations that apply to American Citizens. Think of all the laws in place to protect us and to be sure that we are safe, have a livable income and other such protections.

In the town I live in they appear as an underclass, untouchables. They aren't acknowledged by the regular people on day to day life. Their main mode of transportation are bicycles and I have to admit that I am unfamiliar with their work conditions. Basically, those who wish to keep the illegal immigrants here are fighting for the right to keep these people as an underclass to serve here rather then act as men and women citizens in their country. Do you ever question what would happen if those immigrants from Mexico didn't have the outlet to come here? What would happen if they had to stay where they were? Would their be any improvement of their country?

I don't know if I am right in that regards, but I do know that our current politicians are wrong. Wrong for keeping people in these situations and not providing us with protection from letting more to come over freely. There are reasons people run from home, some for opportunity, but not all reasons are good ones. Well, I was going to write more on this, but enough for tonight. Goodnight.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cap and Trade Bill

Please hold Congress accountable for what they pass. They are rushing through yet another bill. It recently passed the House. I have all the details of the bill below and everyone who voted for the bill. I have lost faith in both the democratic party and the republican party as both are voting for the same things, and none are for the interests of us, US Citizens, but for themselves. They are no longer reading the bills they are passing and voting for such bills as this off of populist ideas as global warming and climate change. I for one am having enough trouble paying for my electric bill in Florida, I can't imagine having energy costs rise higher. Don't think this won't effect you. Having further regulation on our corporations can only cause more people to loose jobs and more economic problems. This bill will have little positive effect. Trust me, if I could afford to run my home off of renewable energy and live off of FPL, I would. Not because of any environmental reason, but because I dislike monopolies that much. So, please let me know of any affordable way to run our homes and businesses as effectively as our electrical companies. But don't ram this down our throat. This will only make renewable energy appear like a deal once they are done with jacking up the costs on the regular energy in use. Which means, we will not be able to afford it.

Here is the link to the bill:

American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

Here is the explanation of the bill as per Washington Post.

Here is how all voted on the bill in the House, it passed.

Here are the Republicans who voted Yes on the bill:

CA 45 Rep. Mary Bono Mack Republican Y
DE At-Large Rep. Michael Castle Republican Y
IL 10 Rep. Mark Kirk Republican Y
NJ 2 Rep. Frank LoBiondo Republican Y
NJ 4 Rep. Christopher Smith Republican Y
NJ 7 Rep. Leonard Lance Republican Y
NY 23 Rep. John McHugh Republican Y
WA 8 Rep. David Reichert Republican Y

Here are all the Democrats who voted Yes on the bill:

AR 2 Rep. Victor Snyder Democratic Y
AZ 4 Rep. Ed Pastor Democratic Y
AZ 7 Rep. Raúl Grijalva Democratic Y
AZ 8 Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Democratic Y
CA 1 Rep. Michael Thompson Democratic Y
CA 6 Rep. Lynn Woolsey Democratic Y
CA 7 Rep. George Miller Democratic Y
CA 8 Rep. Nancy Pelosi Democratic Y
CA 9 Rep. Barbara Lee Democratic Y
CA 10 Rep. Ellen Tauscher (out of office) Democratic Y
CA 11 Rep. Gerald McNerney Democratic Y
CA 12 Rep. Karen Lorraine Speier Democratic Y
CA 14 Rep. Anna Eshoo Democratic Y
CA 15 Rep. Michael Honda Democratic Y
CA 16 Rep. Zoe Lofgren Democratic Y
CA 17 Rep. Sam Farr Democratic Y
CA 18 Rep. Dennis Cardoza Democratic Y
CA 23 Rep. Lois Capps Democratic Y
CA 27 Rep. Brad Sherman Democratic Y
CA 28 Rep. Howard Berman Democratic Y
CA 29 Rep. Adam Schiff Democratic Y
CA 30 Rep. Henry Waxman Democratic Y
CA 31 Rep. Xavier Becerra Democratic Y
CA 33 Rep. Diane Watson Democratic Y
CA 34 Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard Democratic Y
CA 35 Rep. Maxine Waters Democratic Y
CA 36 Rep. Jane Harman Democratic Y
CA 37 Rep. Laura Richardson Democratic Y
CA 38 Rep. Grace Napolitano Democratic Y
CA 39 Rep. Linda Sánchez Democratic Y
CA 43 Rep. Joe Baca Democratic Y
CA 47 Rep. Loretta Sanchez Democratic Y
CA 51 Rep. Bob Filner Democratic Y
CA 53 Rep. Susan Davis Democratic Y
CO 1 Rep. Diana DeGette Democratic Y
CO 2 Rep. Jared Polis Democratic Y
CO 4 Rep. Betsy Markey Democratic Y
CO 7 Rep. Ed Perlmutter Democratic Y
CT 1 Rep. John Larson Democratic Y
CT 2 Rep. Joseph Courtney Democratic Y
CT 3 Rep. Rosa DeLauro Democratic Y
CT 4 Rep. Jim Himes Democratic Y
CT 5 Rep. Christopher Murphy Democratic Y
FL 2 Rep. Allen Boyd Jr. Democratic Y
FL 3 Rep. Corrine Brown Democratic Y
FL 8 Rep. Alan Grayson Democratic Y
FL 11 Rep. Kathy Castor Democratic Y
FL 17 Rep. Kendrick Meek Sr. Democratic Y
FL 19 Rep. Robert Wexler Democratic Y
FL 20 Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Democratic Y
FL 22 Rep. Ron Klein Democratic Y
FL 24 Rep. Suzanne Kosmas Democratic Y
GA 2 Rep. Sanford Bishop Jr. Democratic Y
GA 4 Rep. Henry Johnson Jr. Democratic Y
GA 5 Rep. John Lewis Democratic Y
GA 13 Rep. David Scott Democratic Y
HI 1 Rep. Neil Abercrombie Democratic Y
HI 2 Rep. Mazie Hirono Democratic Y
IA 1 Rep. Bruce Braley Democratic Y
IA 2 Rep. Dave Loebsack Democratic Y
IA 3 Rep. Leonard Boswell Democratic Y
IL 1 Rep. Bobby Rush Democratic Y
IL 2 Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Democratic Y
IL 3 Rep. Daniel Lipinski Democratic Y
IL 4 Rep. Luis Gutierrez Democratic Y
IL 5 Rep. Mike Quigley Democratic Y
IL 7 Rep. Danny Davis Democratic Y
IL 8 Rep. Melissa Bean Democratic Y
IL 9 Rep. Janice Schakowsky Democratic Y
IL 11 Rep. Deborah Halvorson Democratic Y
IL 17 Rep. Phil Hare Democratic Y
IN 7 Rep. André Carson Democratic Y
IN 9 Rep. Baron Hill Democratic Y
KS 3 Rep. Dennis Moore Democratic Y
KY 3 Rep. John Yarmuth Democratic Y
KY 6 Rep. Albert Chandler III Democratic Y
MA 1 Rep. John Olver Democratic Y
MA 2 Rep. Richard Neal Democratic Y
MA 3 Rep. James McGovern Democratic Y
MA 4 Rep. Barney Frank Democratic Y
MA 5 Rep. Nicola Tsongas Democratic Y
MA 6 Rep. John Tierney Democratic Y
MA 7 Rep. Edward Markey Democratic Y
MA 8 Rep. Michael Capuano Democratic Y
MA 9 Rep. Stephen Lynch Democratic Y
MA 10 Rep. William Delahunt Democratic Y
MD 1 Rep. Frank Kratovil Jr. Democratic Y
MD 2 Rep. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger Democratic Y
MD 3 Rep. John Sarbanes Democratic Y
MD 4 Rep. Donna Edwards Democratic Y
MD 5 Rep. Steny Hoyer Democratic Y
MD 7 Rep. Elijah Cummings Democratic Y
MD 8 Rep. Christopher Van Hollen Jr. Democratic Y
ME 1 Rep. Chellie Pingree Democratic Y
ME 2 Rep. Michael Michaud Democratic Y
MI 1 Rep. Bart Stupak Democratic Y
MI 5 Rep. Dale Kildee Democratic Y
MI 7 Rep. Mark Schauer Democratic Y
MI 9 Rep. Gary Peters Democratic Y
MI 12 Rep. Sander Levin Democratic Y
MI 13 Rep. Carolyn Kilpatrick Democratic Y
MI 14 Rep. John Conyers Jr. Democratic Y
MI 15 Rep. John Dingell Democratic Y
MN 1 Rep. Timothy Walz Democratic/Farmer/Labor Y
MN 4 Rep. Betty McCollum Democratic/Farmer/Labor Y
MN 5 Rep. Keith Ellison Democratic/Farmer/Labor Y
MN 7 Rep. Collin Peterson Democratic/Farmer/Labor Y
MN 8 Rep. James Oberstar Democratic/Farmer/Labor Y
MO 1 Rep. William Clay Jr. Democratic Y
MO 3 Rep. John Carnahan Democratic Y
MO 4 Rep. Ike Skelton Democratic Y
MO 5 Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II Democratic Y
MS 2 Rep. Bennie Thompson Democratic Y
NC 1 Rep. George Butterfield Jr. Democratic Y
NC 2 Rep. Bob Etheridge Democratic Y
NC 4 Rep. David Price Democratic Y
NC 11 Rep. Joseph Shuler Democratic Y
NC 12 Rep. Melvin Watt Democratic Y
NC 13 Rep. Ralph Miller Democratic Y
NH 1 Rep. Carol Shea-Porter Democratic Y
NH 2 Rep. Paul Hodes Democratic Y
NJ 1 Rep. Robert Andrews Democratic Y
NJ 3 Rep. John Adler Democratic Y
NJ 6 Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. Democratic Y
NJ 8 Rep. William Pascrell Jr. Democratic Y
NJ 9 Rep. Steven Rothman Democratic Y
NJ 10 Rep. Donald Payne Democratic Y
NJ 12 Rep. Rush Holt Jr. Democratic Y
NJ 13 Rep. Albio Sires Democratic Y
NM 1 Rep. Martin Heinrich Democratic Y
NM 2 Rep. Harry Teague Democratic Y
NM 3 Rep. Ben Lujan Jr. Democratic Y
NV 1 Rep. Shelley Berkley Democratic Y
NV 3 Rep. Alice Titus Democratic Y
NY 1 Rep. Timothy Bishop Democratic Y
NY 2 Rep. Steve Israel Democratic Y
NY 4 Rep. Carolyn McCarthy Democratic Y
NY 5 Rep. Gary Ackerman Democratic Y
NY 6 Rep. Gregory Meeks Democratic Y
NY 7 Rep. Joseph Crowley Democratic Y
NY 8 Rep. Jerrold Nadler Democratic Y
NY 9 Rep. Anthony Weiner Democratic Y
NY 10 Rep. Edolphus Towns Democratic Y
NY 11 Rep. Yvette Clarke Democratic Y
NY 12 Rep. Nydia Velázquez Democratic Y
NY 13 Rep. Michael McMahon Democratic Y
NY 14 Rep. Carolyn Maloney Democratic Y
NY 15 Rep. Charles Rangel Democratic Y
NY 16 Rep. José Serrano Democratic Y
NY 17 Rep. Eliot Engel Democratic Y
NY 18 Rep. Nita Lowey Democratic Y
NY 19 Rep. John Hall Democratic Y
NY 20 Rep. Scott Murphy Democratic Y
NY 21 Rep. Paul Tonko Democratic Y
NY 22 Rep. Maurice Hinchey Democratic Y
NY 25 Rep. Daniel Maffei Democratic Y
NY 27 Rep. Brian Higgins Democratic Y
NY 28 Rep. Louise Slaughter Democratic Y
OH 1 Rep. Steven Driehaus Democratic Y
OH 9 Rep. Marcy Kaptur Democratic Y
OH 11 Rep. Marcia Fudge Democratic Y
OH 13 Rep. Betty Sutton Democratic Y
OH 15 Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy Democratic Y
OH 16 Rep. John Boccieri Democratic Y
OH 17 Rep. Timothy Ryan Democratic Y
OH 18 Rep. Zachary Space Democratic Y
OR 1 Rep. David Wu Democratic Y
OR 3 Rep. Earl Blumenauer Democratic Y
OR 5 Rep. Kurt Schrader Democratic Y
PA 1 Rep. Robert Brady Democratic Y
PA 2 Rep. Chaka Fattah Sr. Democratic Y
PA 7 Rep. Joseph Sestak Jr. Democratic Y
PA 8 Rep. Patrick Murphy Democratic Y
PA 11 Rep. Paul Kanjorski Democratic Y
PA 12 Rep. John Murtha Democratic Y
PA 13 Rep. Allyson Schwartz Democratic Y
PA 14 Rep. Michael Doyle Jr. Democratic Y
RI 1 Rep. Patrick Kennedy Democratic Y
RI 2 Rep. James Langevin Democratic Y
SC 5 Rep. John Spratt Jr. Democratic Y
SC 6 Rep. James Clyburn Democratic Y
TN 5 Rep. Jim Cooper Democratic Y
TN 6 Rep. Bart Gordon Democratic Y
TN 9 Rep. Stephen Cohen Democratic Y
TX 9 Rep. Al Green Democratic Y
TX 15 Rep. Rubén Hinojosa Sr. Democratic Y
TX 16 Rep. Silvestre Reyes Democratic Y
TX 18 Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Democratic Y
TX 20 Rep. Charles Gonzalez Democratic Y
TX 25 Rep. Lloyd Doggett Democratic Y
TX 28 Rep. Henry Cuellar Democratic Y
TX 29 Rep. Raymond Green Democratic Y
TX 30 Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson Democratic Y
VA 3 Rep. Robert Scott Democratic Y
VA 5 Rep. Tom Perriello Democratic Y
VA 8 Rep. James Moran Jr. Democratic Y
VA 9 Rep. Frederick Boucher Democratic Y
VA 11 Rep. Gerald Connolly Democratic Y
VT At-Large Rep. Peter Welch Democratic Y
WA 1 Rep. Jay Inslee Democratic Y
WA 2 Rep. Rick Larsen Democratic Y
WA 3 Rep. Brian Baird Democratic Y
WA 6 Rep. Norman Dicks Democratic Y
WA 7 Rep. James McDermott Democratic Y
WA 9 Rep. Adam Smith Democratic Y
WI 2 Rep. Tammy Baldwin Democratic Y
WI 3 Rep. Ronald Kind Democratic Y
WI 4 Rep. Gwendolynne Moore Democratic Y
WI 7 Rep. David Ross Obey Democratic Y
WI 8 Rep. Steven Kagen Democratic Y

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feeling Like Cincinnatus C

Do you ever have the urge to write? I have it all the time, though it seems to be the one thing I hardly do. I feel that things that have happened in my life are unique. I am sure many have that feeling. But to me they were so that I crave normalcy and I know I will for the rest of my life. My life's ambition is to have a family that I will love as my family has loved me. Without them, I wouldn't have much to stand on and I wish to continue this family when God allows. Then why the urge to write and to be heard?

I was looking at Invitation to a Beheading again last night and thinking of the main character, Cincinnatus C. For a minute I could empathize, and it was something I couldn't really do before. He lives in an imaginary world, where the rules are quite ridiculous and you never really know when you time is coming. The worst of all, he is not free. Now this is an extreme, that this Russian author (incredible author I might add), took from his own life experience. But as all readers do I took it to my own experience. You can't help but to do so.

How many people look to what is going on in the outside world and think of it as some kind of act? This can't be real. It is so ridiculous that it can't be real. The absurd rules the incredible actions people take. I related that to the experiences of Cincinnatus C, and I see that there Nabokov was making fun of the rules of an overbearing bureaucratic state. There are so many laws, you are not 100% sure if you are breaking any of them. I heard a politician say on the news the other day that he never believed that taxation as a form of coercion. But that too is a limitation of freedom. What would happen if you were a conscientious objector to paying taxes? If you refused to pay though you had the money... Even if you didn't have the money; you would go to prison. First, they take everything you have... to pay back of course, then you go to prison. How is that not coercive? How is that free? So, as the laws increase, as the taxes increase, as government increases, you start to notice influence in your individual lives.

We are not in the prison of Cincinnatus C, but I am starting to understand what that would be like. I can empathize and I don't like that at all. For instance, there are certain things in which I object to morally. I pretty obvious one, I think that abortion is a sin and to pay for one is grounds for excommunication from the church. So I ask, for the United States government to subsidize such a sin is it then a sin to subsidize the government? When does it get to the point that it is an sin to pay taxes to the government? Or does it get to that point. Does it get to the point of prison or sin? Of course, Jesus did say to pay Cesar what is Cesar's and God what is God's. It doesn't make the actions of our elected officials right. It is also still forcing the hands of many to pay for what the few believes is right. Is that truly what is right for the United States?

That is one reason I feel compelled to write. Just complete confusion of why people believe things are going well? To me it seems obvious that things are not always going to be good for the United States if we keep heading the direction we are. I feel that my life experience is one that can show why the life lived by liberal ideas can lead to disaster. But right now, I am getting over a migraine and am actually rather surprised I can write. Other than that, where is the time when you are trying to run a small business that doesn't function without your support. Part of me thinks God has plans for my writing, but I am not sure of when he wants me to use it. Is that crazy to think that?

No, I don't think so. God has plans for everyone, it is just learning to accept that and go with the flow. Okay, I am a bit too light headed to continue now. So till next time.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


For some reason, I do not know, I am watching a show of a crocodile laying eggs. Ugly creatures. I've felt compelled to write for the past month but my own perfection keeps me from doing so. I just assume there are things that people are OCD about. Me, I obsess so much about writing that I usually hardly produce anything. I have to have all facts straight and everything done perfectly. Frankly, I don't have the time for that. But so is life.

So why am I writing now? I don't know. To keep up for the couple of people who read this still. I feel I must publish something. So much of my life has been spilled out on this blog, though I have to admit, there isn't much here that represents me today. I posted my sin, my breakdowns, my faith and my love here; for better or for worse. Practically everyone I know who did blog doesn't anyone. It makes it a bit difficult coming back. See, everyone is on myspace, facebook, linkedin, and twitter... There are oh so many more. They have options for posting, but nothing that requires writing like this.

Here, you have to set down to actually do something. You have to have an idea. I hate writing just about news. Funny. But that is all that is really on my mind. Maybe it is because of listening to talk radio, they are entertaining. If you have the time I recommend it. I won't give specifics, though I have to admit the conservative ones are much more fun. No, that isn't why though. It is sincere concern, the focus of my past education and I have to admit it relates to my work at times. So I watch news, listen to the radio and read the news and work.

What I do enjoy is writing of my faith. It has grown through the years and it helps me greatly at all times now. The reason for the quotes. They are what I am thinking of at the time. I just don't know what else to write, or I just don't have time to write it.

Well, it is time for bed and I should put this down. See, a couple of minutes is all I have really. I will try to have another one of these again soon. Just to keep you going.