Friday, April 28, 2006

Baskin Robbins( why you should be wary eating it in Miami) and my luck with the job market

I've got two stories for you. The first happened tonight just a little while ago. First, how many people at Baskin Robbins does it take to make a sundae? Well, my first response would be one, but tonight I had three people attempt to make one and they all FAILED. I walk in and point out this sundae that I want with bananas. The guy looks at me and says that he doesn't know how to make it. I looked at him in suprise. I called over my husband to tell him. I couldn't believe that there was someone so stupid that he couldn't make a sundae. Then he went over and got a second person. That guy cut up the banana and told the other to get three scoops of ice cream. The ice cream was new and after of five minutes of him banging one scoop into the other to get into the ice cream, I leaned over the counter and told him he might want to run the scoop through hot water. It took him probubly another few minutes to get the cup half full with ice cream. Then he went over to chat with the other guy about how to put bananas into the sundae, which neither of them knew how to do. Then they told me that the carmel was out and the hot fudge was burnt, and by the way "we don't know where the cherries are". By that point I gave up. We had been there for at least twenty minutes and the manager was over there trying to help them. I have to say she was getting no where. So we said, "refund our money". Of course, I made a few comments about how ridiculous this was and my husband got back the money. As we walked out the guy told my husband to go f*ck himself. I would have cussed the guy out if I had heard it, but I was already outside and didn't know why Art was still inside. Anyway, I have to say that was my worst experience at an ice cream place ever! These people were not mentally ill or anything either. They were just lazy idiots. I simply went somewhere else and got my sundae in 30 seconds. I had to get that out of my system and I hope this pops up on google when someone looks up Baskin Robbins:)

Now for what I refered to yesterday. I am once again unemployed. I worked for the airlines industry for three months. It was a pretty cool job if you are good at customer service. There is never a boring day. I guess that is why Southwest has a show on it (I worked for United though, never Southwest!). Unfortunatly I needed to leave that position so that Art and I could go on to our new home. But this means I am on the job search once again. And there is something that I must warn all my fellow unemployed bloggers in their common search for employment. Beware of scam jobs! I know this is everywhere. I had a similar problem in College Station, but now I'm in a big city it is much more prevelant. These jobs will contact you before anyone else. In my situation an hour after I sent my resume through monster. They also have a ton of adds that do not say what the job is about. When you talk to them at the interview they usually say something about sales for fortune 400 company. The two I have encountered here are the Niko group and Miamimarketingworks. I'll let you know if I find anymore. They lie about benefits and have horrible pay. From what I have heard their product is no good either. A good way to find this information out, and how I discovered this was looking the company up on Here is also a list of how to avoid jobs scams. I unfortunatly wasted my time with my first interview with one of these companies. I only discovered it was a scam after looking it up later. At least I got the experience of driving in the city. But still, no job and more interviews next week. It is looking promising though. It is definatly going quicker than in San Antonio!

So, no idea on what I will write on next time.... I'm sure something will come up:)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

How is Miami?

I have to admit I have not had the best image of Miami. When Arthur and I decided to move here I was not jumping up and down and screaming in joy. On the contrary, I told my then future husband, "Please, just tell me something positive about the place". All I asked was to feel better about the place I was going to move to. I'll tell you what I have learned of Miami from those native to the city. First of all, the place is over run with Cubans and other latin immigrants. Now this did not mean much to me when I first heard this. I have one friend that is half Cuban and from DC. All I know is that he spends every summer in Miami and when I visited his home his mom was certain to teach me the evils of Castro. She thinks it is an important thing that all people should know. Since then I have been told everything else about this group, and the most important thing is that there is great amount of them that don't bother to learn english. I won't bother to go into the other stereotypes of this group in Miami. Though they involve illegal activities and too much government support. Since I have been here I have noticed that there are many different immigrants here that don't speak english, but I've honestly even now do not have much experience within this city. There is also the matter of driving within Miami. It has been said, I don't remember by who, that in Miami that everyone drives according to thier country of orgin. My dear husband has also had several stories to back this up. I heard so many stories on this that for my first job interview yesterday, I felt worse about having to drive by myself for the first time than the actual interview. Though after it was done I found it to be about as bad as driving in any other city. The truth is I am still very unsure of what to think of my new home. The people who are from here don't exactly paint the best picture of place, and with the hurricane I went through the last time I am still very unsure. What I am hoping is that the city is not as bad as everyone says, like the driving within the city. Well, we will see how it is driving for the second time. I'll do that for my second job interview...

Next topic is on finding a job within this city. Hopfully it will be done tommarow, but there are warnings that everyone should here. Consider it a continuation of my unemployed blogger ideas:) Till then!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

New Home

Well, we're not in our new home just yet. That'll probably happen in a month or so, but I made it to Miami. A two and a half days car trip with a St. Bernard in the back seat. I have to admit that Sebastien is a great dog and really easy to travel with, but I don't recommend such a long trip with a large dog. You can't really stop and do anything. We were originally planning to go through Savannah, Georgia, but Seby doesn't do too well in strange places by himself. Plus, no place really allows St. Bernards. The first place we stayed at was in Mississippi, and we were told that there is a 15 pound limit but no one checks. The second place we stayed at was about 100 miles out of Miami and the guy was new and let us take him in. So it was luck both times.

Other than that we stopped in Vicksburg, Mississippi for the Military Park for the Seige of Vicksburg. I've only been to three battlefields so far and I have to say that I am very impressed with this one. Arthur pointed out that it was probably because this was one where the union won. I really need to see Gettysburg, I'm that one would be even better. I may have pictures up from it after awhile. Though I accidently packed my digital, so I have to use my regular camera till then.

So... now I'm in Miami. It is wierd thinking that this isn't a place that I'm moving for my parents or for school. I'm not sure how its going to be. Honestly the city scares me. It takes me awhile to have any city grow on me. I am much more of a small town girl. Well... I guess I will update on what happens from this new move. It is too early to write anything about it now. We are just incredibly happy to be out of the car. Till next time:)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm leaving Texas

I am doing what I usually do before I leave Brenham, or in this case leaving Texas... look at photos. Tommorow we are taking off with the St. Bernard and are driving to Miami. Quite a car trip, and I'm curious how the dog will take it. Anyway, these are the old pictures I managed to scan. This is so I don't have to take the album with me in the car.

That's it for now. Goodnight! I'll write again in Miami:)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Alamo Street Victorian Inn

When I imagined myself getting married as a little girl, I have to say that this was not the place I thought of. No disrespect to the owner, but its a bed and breakfast and I am a Catholic. But when such things as annulments get in the way you must think of an alternative. I know God must have forgiven Arthur and I for this though, because everything was beautiful. It went off so well that I've had a request for everyone to meet up at the same location for our one year anniversary. This would be strange considering we won't even be in San Antonio at that time, but I did greatly appreciate the compliment. The weather was perfect, it was in the 70s and not a cloud in the sky. Nothing went wrong the whole day. I was just suprised how quickly it went. In the morining I was getting my hair, makeup, manicure and peticure done. I was wondering around the spa talking with my mom and the other bridesmaids. I got several comments about how calm I was. My nerves didn't get to me till right before it was time to walk down the aisle, and that was my usual nervousness of having to do something in front of people. After I made it to Arthur, I calmed down. Everyone was suprised that I didn't laugh or cry through the ceremony. Only reason I can give is because everything was kind of sureal to me and I hate showing too much emotion in public. The wedding was small. I have to say no more than 40 people were there. It was perfect for me. I was afraid that too many people would show honestly. The bed and breakfast fit everyone comfortably. It was a nice little place with antiques all around. I chose it because it was comforting like my grandmothers house that I grew up in. I was glad to find that the rest of the guests loved it just as much. The only thing I was upset by was that I hardly ate anything. Arthur and I met up with the family later on though to eat on the riverwalk. It was a good idea to have everything near the downtown area. So if you do have your wedding in San Antonio, I do recommend this place. It is especially good if you don't want to handle every little detail yourself. Now I get to enjoy being a newly wed, but not in Texas. I am moving. Actually our stuff is already packed up and is probably on its way now to Miami. We will be going down after spending the holidays with my family. So, Happy Easter to everyone!