Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Immigration and Palin (again)

I have to say that much that I have heard about Palin has been on personal level and her social conservative stances. What about in other areas. For instance, what is her stance on immigration? Do they even have a problem with this in Alaska?

Now McCain did hit a hot ticket when it comes to someone relating to the rest of the country with energy, but immigration is hardly heard of and that worries me. I looked it up and there is article after article that says that she is silent in that arena. This is a big deal in Florida. There are protesters every weekend in my area from the policies of having a "sanctuary city."

What does this mean? We have an under class in this society. This is almost like an unspeakables, I think that is in Indian culture but I am not sure. These are people that are brought to this country (believe me they could not make it to my area otherwise, they ride bikes for transportation), for no other reason to be servers. Supposedly to do work that whites will not, though I saw them do the same jobs not too many years ago. They have no rights as citizens and they will not because of thier status. How are they different from slaves?

Now the argument is that this is better than their country. Now I am sure it is, but how will they ever make their country better if they are not there. We work for our country, why can't they work for theirs?

Okay enough of that, I meant to write on Palin and not immigration. Basically, I am not completely sold. This is even with Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh seeming to be perfectly behind her and other strong conservatives. I think the reason I am not mainly is because I have never seen McCain as a conservative and I don't understand how just picking her makes him one.

Will he actually take a more conservative stance? Or is he just using her to bring in the votes? I should be happy with just her, but I need to see more of her to decide and see more of her without just constant attacks. Can't people just ask her questions without attacking her? I have lost faith in the media long ago, but I keep watching with hope to get some accurate information.

Enough ranting I am about to fall over in exhaustion. Drank night quill before writing this and my eyes are growing heavier and heavier. Surprised I can get coherent thoughts out. Goodnight!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike

I've been on and off the phone with my parents since Ike hit. I'm sure you've heard that the entire Houston metropolitan area is without power. I've been trying to talk them into going to Central Texas to stay with my brother, but they insist on riding this one out at home. Though no power, the school has power for air conditioning and my dad doesn't feel like in getting caught on the road with everyone else leaving the area.

So hopefully the electric companies can get everything together soon. I thank God not too many problems have occurred otherwise. Their home is fine, but they aren't close to the coast. I do pray for those who lost more to the storm. Thankfully not too many lives were lost.

And they get a sort of break tonight, a cold front.

Well, I've been focusing on getting information to my parents. They haven't been through a hurricane since the 60s, but they seem okay. Cleaning out the pool and barbecuing. My only experience was Katrina and thankfully we have been good so far this season in my area in Florida.

But other than problems with those idiots who didn't evacuate in the mandatory evacuation zones, Texas seems so far to be handling this well enough. Let's see how long it takes to get the electricity back!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Palin and the Conservative Base

One of my Aunt's who I consider a strong conservative woman told me when Hillary was first running for president about how she had girls who said that they would not vote for her based on the fact that they didn't think a woman could be a president. For that reason, she felt she should. I heard that argument more than one time, as I am sure that same reasoning has been used on several occasions for more than one candidate during this election. At that time. I didn't say anything in response. I was actually quite surprised that she was taking quite an emotional stance on who she wants to be president. I did have another woman in my family tell me the other day that she would still be writing in Hillary. It was the only logical choice she could think of. For what reason? She would be a woman president.

When I heard of Sarah Palin the first time I really didn't know what to think. I had heard Rush Limbaugh one afternoon mention her in passing, but other than that, what regular working American knows of the governor of Alaska unless you would happen to be from that area? I went ahead and listened to her acceptance speech and read up on her. Basically, I wanted to know as much as I could on her. Though I have to say that my initial response was excitement. I heard another woman say a similar thing on the radio today, don't remember the show, that she understood the emotional response to Obama for the first time. Here was someone that a regular woman could relate too. Not a former first lady that wears nothing but pant suits. No this is a woman with a family who actually built up a political career. She did so with doing what she THOUGHT WAS RIGHT as well, not what was popular. Initial response was quite exciting. I have to admit there was an emotional response to this. I expected possibly a similar response from others.

So I called around and I watched for response. But it wasn't there. Those who say that they vote for Hillary because she was a woman responded that they would not vote for just any woman that McCain through their way. They wouldn't vote for an inexperienced woman that he could throw out. She was no different from what was of the regular administration today. That this was a weak attempt to persuade women to vote for McCain.

These women were lying to themselves and to me when they said that they were voting for a woman. They were voting for a woman of their generation and of the old liberal and populist ideals. They still would never consider a strong conservative woman with love of her family and her country as one that could rise to power. That very much goes against everything they believe in.

I want to say I can't believe the response to McCain and Palin ticket, but I can. It is still an emotional and socialist attack. When I look more at the pick for Palin, I don't think there is anyway that this was an attempt to get to the feminists or the women who were going to vote for Hilary. No, McCain should be close enough to the stance of Hilary to do that on his own. This was an attempt to gather up his base.

Everyone of the Republican Party's regular base were waiting and wanting for McCain to give them something, anything to show that he was not taking the Republican Party in the same way as the Democratic one. Yet time after time he was disowning conservatives and giving into the ideas of the left. This is shown in him still stating in his belief in climate change problems and his stance on immigration (which I am still curious of what Palin has to say on this). Every conservative thought he would pick another left leaning Republican, then bye bye base. They/we aren't exactly loyal to any party, only to what they/we believe is right.

Palin is exactly what the country needs. There are many that wish that she had been there in the presidential campaign earlier. She is a Christian and she shows in her life that she lives by Christian morals. Though as my husband has pointed out, her life could be played as a lifetime movie. She has made good decisions and she has proven that she can run a state government.

Well, in the end, I think McCain has won my vote... For now... I won't say 100%. He still has time to mess this up. But Palin was literally a perfect fit for those who had lost faith in the party. That is something that the media will never wrap their head around, the beliefs and morals of a majority of middle America. The fact that she is a woman is more of a slap in the face to feminists rather than a way of getting them to come over to the Republican Party. She shows further of feminists failure. The women that I spoke of earlier probably won't vote for McCain/Palin, but this is certainly something that shows their hypocrisy which is definitely good enough for me.

That is enough of a rant. Goodnight!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

New Business and Anxiety

Well, I am not still in New England. I just realized that I haven't posted since my trip. Nothing too interesting to speak of. I had an okay time but in the end I couldn't fully enjoy it because Art couldn't. So yet again, failed vacation.

I am no longer unemployed. Now I am definitely self employed. Which means I go to an office every day and work on my own. No boss, just me. Which I find myself to be quit tough enough without anyone else over me. It is difficult to designate hours especially when you are starting off and trying to start the cash flow of the company. But I am ever hopeful.

Now brings us to today.

Its about one in the morning and I still can't sleep. I've had a lot on my mind recently though I must confess. Some I can't mention and some have been mentioned before. Infertility is always on my mind. It is a drive to have a better life style. A want for a better body or at least similar to the one I had. I got on a bike the other day and I rode it down the block. A text message went through and I stopped to check and see who it was. When I stopped an overwhelming nausea came over me. I was seeing spots and had trouble breathing. I was steady enough to set down my bike and set myself on the grass, but I didn't have the energy to do anything else. I was there for a little while before I even text Art. By the time he text back I was able to call and speak. He thinks I had a panic attack, it is possible. Regardless at that moment I thought my body failed me and I was too scared to go on. I didn't think it was my nerves at the time, but I would be lying if I said it wasn't.

So I am trying to be a little more conscience of what I eat. I need to get over my anxiety in other areas. I had to force myself to get on that bike and to ride out that day. Its like this fear of people seeing me, what if I do something wrong. A bunch of stuff comes up in my mind. Not very helpful right now. Isn't exercise suppose to decrease anxiety?

Other than above mentioned. Business is always over my head. When you work on your own, you are literally doing everything. That is a little weird to me. Everything also rides on me. If it fails, I failed. That is a lot of pressure. If I don't make it. I will probably have to go work for an a-hole again. Which that is a big portion of my drive in the first place. Even with that, it isn't saying I am not excited and that I can't do well.

Well, we will see how things go. Enough of my personal life.