Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Opinion on Woman's Studies

Being raised by a feminist I was brought up to believe that men were going to get in my way and to bring me down or belittle me. I was going to have to fight them (men) through my life to be successful in my career and otherwise; and that I should not just try to be equal, but that I was better than them all. I can't start this by saying that I was told that we should be equal, no, the idea of a feminist is that all women ARE better and smarter. This is something that has been instilled on men and women alike in my generation since we are the children of the baby boomers that were "liberated" in the 60s. The generation that has been trying to push ERA and has just the same decided that pregnancy should not be deemed a disability... At least in the US (I bring that one up, because it always baffled me). Last but not least they are also I believe the ones who run NOW, the organization that will willingly degrade any woman that gets in the way of their cause for women rights as they see it. Is there any hostility here?

I decided when I was about 11 or 12 years old that most of what my mother pushed on me from childhood about the strength and superior intelligence of women and that we need no men, was crap. This happened when I was putting together a water bed with my mother... not successfully I might add. The only other person in the house was my father and we were in a rut. I foolishly asked my mother, why not ask dad for help? I had heard the answer that I received more than one time, "we don't need a man to help us". Ah, to me at that point was idiotic. The reason, my mind wasn't going to lets ask any man to help us because our feeble brains can't figure out this bed. No, I was thinking, "God help me I don't want to do this, can I pawn this off on someone else... anyone, wait, Dad is here." Well, I sighed and decided then that everything with this was tied to emotion, not logic. Because logically we needed help and illogically, we could not ask the other person in the house because of his sex.

This seems to be the basis for most things involved in Women's Studies and similarly feminism; it is an antagonistic and illogical battle of women vs. men. You hear it in different areas, for instance with child rearing... "I don't need a man". Well, my dear, statistically I would say you do because the fact you choose not to have the assistance of a man in raising your child means they will probably be in jail rather than being a doctor or a lawyer. My mind is blanking on other such emotional responses, but they are endless. This is reflected in the antagonistic way that Women Studies professors take to class.

First of all I've been in several and my mother does teach them occasionally as well, with pride I might add. I've heard it being referred to as the Women Studies ghetto by others, and I have repeated this to my mother. By the way, this is where I think women should rightly be pissed and they don't blink at all at this. Example: Are you a successful XYZ PhD and you are a woman, why don't you do women's studies? That is perfect for you, no matter you don't have any study in the area. You will build it up for the rest of your career. So from there you will not see men in women's studies positions, you will only see women who were placed in there solely... BECAUSE OF THEIR SEX! Isn't that what you are trying to get away from? Being placed not because of your study, but because of what you are? So to accept such a position you would have to believe in feminism and the strength of women to forgo other positions to accept such a title. You have to believe you are doing it to help other women in their cause. So from there, what reason is there for men in your class?

I have had several women studies profs mention how they can't keep men in their class. Several also happened to single out the men in their class on the first day. I've only known one man to actually make it through a class I was in. This guy was also directed by his mother to volunteer at Planned Parenthood after classes... and still was not very vocal (just stating, he was part of the okayed agenda within feminism). Most of these classes are consisted off all women or few men involved. This I think being because of the fact they are meant to be directed in this manner. I know that many professors have told me all the same that they love having men in their... This could be with political theory, women's history, women's studies sociology classes... It doesn't matter. They are all made to be for women by women. This can be said for other similar disciplines that involve classes specific to different races as well. Same model, different subject. And all in all, they are all just there for liberal causes.

So as a conservative woman, I have no place in them because I don't accept the premise of how they were started. Maybe I am being unfair. But to me, a class should be open to all and be something that can show different points of view in a positive light.

Women's Studies has an agenda and there are different views and a history to it, but I don't accept the premise of the classes because of the exclusion of men. I believe that we are a family unit and to put us as separate entities as if we are two enemies... It has a negative effect on society. Why do you think there is a problem with men passing in our education system and in growing numbers aren't even going to college? Do you think it MIGHT have something to do with an education system that focuses on girls and not boys? Maybe feminism and as such a result of having women's studies and not men's studies as well. I wouldn't be for a Men's studies anyway, but I think that such area do nothing to better us in society or to get people jobs which was the original purpose of academia... unless I guess you want to be women's studies professor. But as I said, you really don't even to take those classes to get that position....

What's the point. Good Night!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Couldn't sleep and now its the following day

I feel an ache over my body and jolts of energy through my arms as I think of things going on and things to come. Its from uncontrolled emotions. I can't sleep. There are times that I have trouble coping with things and that has definitely been the past few months. I hate to even write it, but it is the truth. I don't wish to cause problems for my little family, but because of my own anxieties and my own inability to perform in different tasks, that is exactly what I have done. So now I look back at the past months and I see nothing but failure. Failure to take care of my business, failure to do what is needed to be sure my baby is developing well and failure in making sure my husband is happy. All of this is because of anxiety. And there were endless attempts to take more and more off my plate, but I seem incapable of doing anything.

I haven't neglected my child; I know that. But I think she needs more attention from me than what she has been getting. I've read how depression in young mothers does cause speech development problems and other such issues with the child and I do see how that can happen. Though I have to say I am really lucky. I do have an incredibly happy child. I think its because I try to hide how I feel from her and others. You don't want to put that on a baby and I know they can sense you pretty well. So you want her to see you happy and she is happy. You don't want to put it on your husband, he has plenty of problems already. He's made drastic measures to try to make me happy and to relieve me of things from our business. It still hasn't worked. I can still correct things right now, but it shouldn't have gotten to this point. It really shouldn't have. Its not like the first time this has happened where I let things pile up; I leave things bottled up. I keep doing this at different points in my life.

I am not sure if this is the best outlet. I write about problems, but not really. Just how I feel, but not specifics. That is all I can do. What else is there to do. I pray things get better for me and my family. There is no stability in anything right now. I pray I can do well with the business this coming month to make up for any shortfall. I pray I can give my child all the attention she needs.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Isaiah 5:20

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; they put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!