Monday, February 28, 2005

Before I leave work...

I've spent my morning at work. Nothing exciting. Only thing out of the ordinary is having to help out a new girl that started the job today. Seeing her reminds me of my age, and how long I've been out of high school. She is a freshman and just started this past semester. She asks me, "How long have you been in college?" I look at her blankly... hmm... I graduated in 99'(already doing college credit during my senior year) and it is 05'... damn. "Six years." She looked at me shocked. Yes, that made me feel old.

I like hanging around older people, then I don't have to deal with that too often. I love being the youngest one... I really didn't want to age over 21, but unfortunatly I have no say in the matter. It is quite a difference from when I was in the conference the other day. Other than Neil(the friend I brought along) and I, everyone was in their late 20s to late 50s. Well, I guess I should not feel to bad about that. I mean by the fall semester I am actually qualified to teach a class here at Texas State (only need 18 hrs. of graduate work). It just kills me how fast time flys...

Talking about time flying, it is about time for me to leave work. I actually didn't mean to write this much. I was originally going to write that I have too much to catch up on, so this will more than likely be it for the day. On to the library then...

The Lone Star

The Lone Star
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Took this in the capital (Austin) during the bookfestival a couple of years ago.

Can I avoid writing on political philosophy... see below.

I've stopped myself a couple times from doing posts related to Aristotle, Aquanis and other topics that would surly bore the hell out of my friends. It makes things difficult, considering what I do on a normal day(other than the basic necessities):

1)work in the computer lab
2)read, topics being:
a)natural law(which includes Aquinas)
c)articles on above topics(yes, not a different topic... just to give emphasis to my point)
d)international relations(IGOs,NGOs... not very entertaining)
3)talk on phone
5)bullshit online
6)hangout with my bro and Julia
7)if possible... actually hang out with my friends(rarity)

If this was your life, what would you write on? Mabe I'll think of topics. Well, since something different did happen to me yesterday, I will give this a shot...

I had one of my rare times of happiness yesterday(and yes the above routine did not apply to this day... except #s 2 and 7). I went to a political science conference in College Station! No, there is no sarcasm here(not that those who know me would expect any). I had not seen these people since I left College Station this past summer, and I was rather suprised by their enthusiasm when I walked in(I didn't warn them I was coming). I was so damned nervous when I walked in... I mean I wasn't accepted into their program. I was worried about feeling ackward with the group. I ended up hanging out with the same old group of guys, and getting the hook up with info and references to possible PhD programs. There was the usual wine drinking(though I was cut off rather early because of the two hour drive back to San Marcos), and I was invited to this bad ass restraunt(all expenses paid by A&M) where I talked with one of my old profs and another good/hot friend over wine till past ten... I think my old proff got the bulk of it(I'll be suprised if he remembers the meal). I brought one of my friends that I worked with last semester(not the same good friend as mentioned above), and on the drive back home we spent the time arguing over the definition of God... the usual topic. Well, I was excited! They're fun for a group of old men.

Well, not incredibly interesting.... but my life none the less. Now time for bed. Unfortunatly I must start the old routine again tomarrow. Though I must say that the conference has given me a reminder of why I am doing this damned MA program... I want to go back to A&M.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Cemetary somewhere in New Orleans

I thought my bro erased all the old pics, but I found them! I love old cemetaries... is that weird? I have this pic hanging over my bed.

It couldn't be...

Sorry for the gay title. What do you think the weird blob is? Could it be something on the lense, sunlight reflection, or something else.... (que crappy halloween tape background noise) Oh yeah, this is at the cemetary in the Garden District of New Orleans

Christmas time:)

This was Christmas a year ago. I'm at my parents house in Brenham, sketching... not unusual.

Getting ready to go out

Shit picture
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Jess says I look enough to leave this up.... but I think this sucks...

Jess and Nathan

Jess and Nathan at the Flying Saucer.

About to go out...

Picture before going out. I would put up mine, but don't really like it.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


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My brother's dog that I live with... I love her!

My Kitty

My Kitty
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This Cudles... my old senial cat that lives with my parents in Brenham. Isn't she cute!


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This is my friend I traveled with to Fairfax, Virginia. He was moving back home. He was nice enough to let me tag along and sight see around his home state and D.C. I took this by the Iwo Jima statue. I didn't give him much warning before taking this, hope he won't be mad I put this up... oh well.

Iwo Jima Statue

I had to take this quick, as it shows... it was snowing hard. It shows clear on my computer at home, but it looks pretty dark on the one I'm on now... sorry if it's not clear.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Can you figure this out?

Okay, I have to catch up on my reading today. No real time for a regular post. I was just remembering something that a friend gave me a while back to figure out. I love these things! Anyway, can you guess what the next line will be in these set of numbers?


Well, try it if you want. I've got to get back to reading. I have a list of five books that I need to have finished within the next few days... yeah right! Well, I can always try. I have a feeling though my prof is going to just be annoyed with me. Que sera, sera...

I drew this based on a dream

This is different because I didn't use any pencil with this one. What I usually do is I go over in pencil first and then use ink. Yeah it was a wicked dream... the usual(I have alot of crazy dreams).


I drew this a long time ago. It was something I was doing mindlessly when I was doing school work. I held on to it even though I had a bunch of scribbles on the back of the paper. I like it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I just finished this!

Here we go, the first sketch to post on my blog. In my defense, part of this was done while consuming a good amount of sake... I do much better with a clear head. I had to put it up since I just finished it a few minutes ago:)

The Big House

The Big House
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This was my family's house a few years ago (about ten years ago) before my grandmother died. This house is over a century old and my family owned it and the land behind it for at least half that time. The new people destroyed it... it's pink! I was pissed when I saw this! It was white... I promise it looked better. Anyway... this is in Paris, Texas.

Happy Presidents Day

Yes the ignored holiday... and does anyone have this day off? Not me, that's all I know. Well, I decided to try out this blogging thing. Though I am much better at drawing than writing as you see here, here and here(well, hopfully they are considered good). These are from my best friend Jess's blog. Hmm... not much to say right now, just that I'm starting off. See, not as good with words. I have some pictures... and I'll post later. I work in a computer lab, what else am I going to do, work... ha!


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Jess was pissed that I was taking a picture of her. We were at a hotel in Corpus. I think it turned out well:)

This is me...

This is me...
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This is me at College Station last summer.

My family

My family
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Family picture this past Christmas. Ignore the girl in the green sweater... she was not very photogentic this holiday season.


I took this last spring. I always love bluebonnet season! I was trying to imitate a picture on the cover of the Texas Monthly, but you have to keep in mind... my camera is cheap.