Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

My little one is a year old today. I wish it didn't fall on Good Friday, but it was just luck. Today is a day of fasting a contemplation. Today signifies the day that Jesus died for our sins and we wait for his coming. I never have time for reading and study anymore.... I don't quite u derstand the place of mourning of the day. It shouldn't be a day of celebration, but even at that time wouldn't it simply a time of anticipation for those of faith. They knew he was to come again in three days and do as the Lord promised. He also sacrificed himself for us on this day. He gave himself for our sins. So, on Sunday it represents the day he gave us our everlasting life; but Friday is really the beginning of that promise. Maybe I'm missing something. For this day, I decided it was no time to celebrate for my daughter. She is one today, but the focus should be on our Lord. Today he made the ultimate sacrifice, and for that we give our undying love.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I am posting for the first time from my Xoom; my new toy. We were debating for awhile on going with iPad or another tablet, but this won out. I had an Evo previously that was my favorite toy. I loved it much more than my iPhone that I am actually using again regularly. So when it came to android interface compared to apple's, I went with android. I'll have to play with it for awhile to give a better review, but so far I will tell you it is very easy to type on for not having a key board. Very suprising!

Well, I am going to play some more.... Bye.
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Living in NOVA

I had never heard of the term "NOVA" till I moved to Northern Virginia. It is one of the many things that I am starting to learn of my new home. I think I've been here for about a month now, and I can say I have a much more positive outlook on the DC metro area than I did of Miami when I moved there. First of all when I came here I saw snow. I haven't seen snow in so long... It had been when I worked for united back in 2006 right before we were married. In comparison to Texas or anywhere in South Florida, the place is gorgeous. There are hills with little two lane historic roads and trees all around. It can be fun if you have the right car. I was already happy of the thought of moving here because of all the different site seeing opportunities and everything I love as being a history buff. But it is hard to be a tourist in the place you live. Life tends to get in the way.

So here is the reality of it all. The traffic sucks! It doesn't matter where you go, you are in traffic. And from reading or hearing from the different reasons for it, it plainly seems to be because different little cities, different states... All cannot agree on the building of roads. Also, they do stupid things like make 66 all carpool during high traffic times to force everyone else onto surface streets! I could go on and on about the traffic. You know what though, it isn't as bad as Miami. Not because the traffic is less... Oh no, traffic is worse here than in Miami from what I see. It is because at least they are not trying to kill you. I don't fear for my life driving here like I do in South Florida. I just feel incredible anger towards the drivers that seem to be in no hurry of getting anywhere that back up traffic for no apparent reason. Its like they are from Texas or something:)

What else, there is still quite an illegal immigrant problem here as well. It kinda worries me and makes me wonder how the rest of the country is like. I mean, in Miami you see the ultimate outcome of that in the end. No one speaks English there and drive out those who are not of Hispanic culture and don't speak Spanish. The final outcome is a Banana Republic, yeah. It still isn't quite as bad as South Florida. It just makes me wonder about the world my daughter will be living in.

But all in all, what I have here that I didn't have in South Florida is a young population. Everyone is around my age and has babies. I love the thought of there being alot of others our daughter's age around. In Florida, she was a rarity and that is not good for a child. I heard of my husband's childhood and the way he was treated by an older population. There is a disdain for children. Here they are everywhere. She loves seeing other babies too. That is one reason I really liked moving here and why I am still optimistic.

I still have so much to learn of there area, so hopefully I can post a different perspective in a few months; if I remember. Till then....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another day in April

I am drinking hot tea sitting up in bed next to my little sleeping daughter. My stomach is killing me and I am anticipating my husbands arrival home in the middle of the night from travel. I am never sure if I should be writing on the deeper things on life or if people only really care for the simple day to day things. Maybe if I were an expert on any certain subject then deeper writing would be readily acknowledged by other; I am an expert on nothing, but I have an opinion on everything.

So for the lighter things in life... I am slowly preparing for a first birthday. Because I moved a couple of times recently and am in a new area, the party will only be intimate; but my little one still deserves a celebration all the same. I went to the toy store and got her a little doll house for her age (you know, nothing she can choke on). Then I got her this little activity center that has a tiny slide, baseball and basketball; again appropriate for a one year old. She is a little active thing, so I am sure she will enjoy it all. It is amazing how she has seemed to gained energy in just the past week. Next I have to think of theme... Possibly Easter. I mean it will be celebrated on Easter, so that kinda settles it. I would have been happier with a Sesame Street one though. And how many more birthdays will I have this much control over? I don't think too many of them. I mean she she will be able to speak by the next one.

Other than that we have a business that is in so many ways just about to take off further and I am excited just looking at the possibilities. Not much else to write on that front though; not much I like to give away. I realize now how valuable my knowledge is. Not many have seen multi-million dollar businesses grow from scratch. I hope I am about to see it again. The very first bit you go through can be painful, but this part we are getting to is fun. There is a reason people become entrepreneurs, I think it is the same reason people sky dive or gamble. Except with this there is less risk of bodily harm and better odds than gambling... Dependent on your model.

So there is life for right now. I don't think I can type much longer, the sound starts to wake the baby after awhile. Kinda funny, I find it soothing... Goodnight.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Turning 29 this month

This month brings so much celebration in a short amount of time. It is my wedding anniversary to start and then my daughter's birthday around Easter and then my birthday ends out the month. So much happens in April that I tend to loose track of my birthday usually. I know last year I had just had my daughter; everyone asked about my birthday, but all I could say is I got my gift. She was who I had waited for years to meet. So I made it by my birthday with little sleep taking care of a newborn and healing from my delivery. The whole period is a bit of a haze. This year I am turning 29. I have moments here and there where I think of it, but again life has a way of distracting you. I have a little girl about to turn 1, a business to attend to and we have just moved across the country to Virginia.

But there are times when I need to think back a little. I have a realization that I am not old; Art laughs at me saying anything to the contrary just for the fact that he is older than me. It is just kind of a realization that at the same time that you are much more of an adult; at the same time you are not young. Seems silly, it probably will looking back at this. But I look back at my life so far and where I am at isn't that bad. I am in no way feel sad about the future, but more anxious for each of the next steps to happen. The lord has blessed me with a wonderful husband and now a wonderful child that is about to turn one. And she is gorgeous! Everything else can go crazy from time to time, including the emotions, but really what else do you need.

I do have to pause for a moment and ask what else I want out of life? With thinking of that the answers come to me; some slowly as I think on it from time to time through the last few weeks. I want to have a large family. I grew up with a large extended family but a small household family. It didn't matter though, the extended family seemed to always be around when I was little. I associate the time I lived near them to be a very happy time in my childhood. I missed them when we moved further out. I know my daughter will not have a large extended family and so I do want to have a large household. I don't want her to ever feel alone. I know she will always be loved, but I don't know how much other family will optionally be around us. Its plainly just because of where we live like when I moved further out when I was younger.

Also, I want success. Sound strange? As much work as I've put into start ups I don't think that is too much to ask. I've felt like I've spent a good part of my 20s putting my life into different business' and now into my own. So all I want is a little success. I've had my victories, but I haven't made it to the point where I can look and say, "I did it". May be that is a few years off, but it would be a relief.

You know, from that all else should flow. So that is it for my list a family and success in a business.... whichever it may be:) Still years in the making, but as I said before, I am far from old.