Friday, March 24, 2006

Who knows:)

So I had this image come to mind. It is me, standing naked in... Where? Maybe I'm just sitting on my bed. Anyway, I have my glasses on and my hair is tied back as I do most of the time now a days. The front of my body is opened up like a doll house. In fact it looks exactly like a doll house inside my chest area. I am looking down inside myself and am setting up little chairs. Nothing stressful, just playing. I'm kind of layed back with my legs crossed and leaning my weight on one of my hands. For some reason that makes me think of Frida. Does she have something similar? I just remember she loved painting herself. Sometimes I wish that I had better images come to mind. I've tried to do landscapes recently. I'm not sure how well that is working for me. I need some kind of art class. I wish I had more beautiful images that would come to mind. At least I have no more disturbing images. Instead they are rather simple. Usually I just think of a bride trying on her dress or something similar. That should be no suprise. Till I have my wedding those images will remain. Till recently I would not actually see myself in these images. Yeah, I know it is usually some weird naked chic and a muscular guy. My mom is disturbed by my naked people art. I've just had this idea that drawing these people naked gives them more vulnerability. It shows what is real on the inside and there are no possibility of masks. Funny to think my main drawing where there are clothes the characters are wearing masks:) Where was I? Yes, till recently the images that came to mind were rarely actually of me. Now it seems that all of them are of me. I'm not sure if will actually get myslef to draw them. The only drawing I've done recently is the one that is up of the bride and groom kissing, or Art and I. Maybe I'll draw this image that is in my mind later. At least I have this post to remind me of it. I must get to bed now. I have to wake up for work in a little over five hours.

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Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That’s an interesting image: nude with a dollhouse within you. I am tempted to pay Carl Jung and analyze the symbolism. Of course, what comes to my not-so-analytical mind is that (I imagine) that you have been busy with wedding plans which, of course, leads to a new home and life for you. Could the dollhouse be representative of your quickly approaching married life?