Sunday, May 28, 2006

Nothing really happened

So we drove to Key Largo this afternoon. It is still amazing to me to live so close to the water. Of course, it is impossible to make it to the water. The beach is blocked off to public except for certain sections. We were driving just so I could see my new home. I haven't been to the beach since I've moved here. I went out to eat at South Beach once, but I really didn't feel like going down to the water. So I guess it just hasn't really hit me where I live. The keys are close. They are accessible. I remember going to the Keys when I was a little girl. I loved Florida and thought it was the coolest state ever. Of course I remember thinking that Miami was ugly.... That really hasn't changed much. Florida was also only the third or fourth state I had seen at that time.

So we are driving down and I'm hearing constant complaints from my husband about how ugly Florida is and how it there is nothing but green. This whole time I'm looking to the side of the car in amazement about how dense the trees were around us the whole way. I know its been years since I have lived in Amarillo, but my appreciation for trees hasn't died yet. I remember first moving to San Marcos, I thought it was paradise in comparison. I think I vowed to never underestimate how my surroundings effects my moods, and to never allow myself to move to a grassland/desert area again. The general dryness just sucks. Well, I'm definitely don't have to worry about being dry here. It certainly is not ugly, at least the vegetation. Art also points at the downtown area about the beauty of skyscrapers. I can't help but look at them blankly. I think historic sections of cities are pretty sometimes, but I don't really care for skyscrapers.

Oh well, it was a nice drive today none the less. I need to go to sleep:)

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Jessica said...

The moisture down here is killing me El!!!!!!!!!! You know how humid San Antonio is ;) Hahaha
It kills me asthma so it isn't good for me one bit. I'm glad you like a moist environment though since you say you live in one now.

I still feel pretty hot in my bikini so I would LOVE to live near a good beach. You should go have fun on the beach this summer!!!!! That would be so much fun ;) Hahaha
I'm going to Schliterbahn with my friends soon. I love summer water stuff ;)