Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Did you know that there is an infection that can occur from a naval piercing that can cause heart failure? Look it up. I've had a few piercings and have taken them out before I got married. I went to the doctor the other day and he noticed a couple of my healed piercing scars and had to tell me all about the dangers of piercings. I have to admit I have no urge towards it anymore. I don't even wear earings anymore. Another story he told me was about a girl who had a nipple piercing and two weeks later removed it. She had an abscest grow in her breast that had to be removed. He relized while removing it that the abscest ended up replacing her entire breast and she really only had the outer skin left. She had to have it rebuilt. People should know that they can be extremely dangerous sometimes. I just read a short article(it is somewhere on that page) about a girl who had to have heart surgery from having a piercing. Luckily I have had no such problems. I just notice when you look up piercings there are mostly positive articles about it. People should be warned that there are major risks for something that is mostly just a fashion accesory.


Leo said...

Good info. to know. I personally never got into the whole piercing craze, a couple of piercings look ok, but some people end up looking like porcupines. I'll pass this info. on, thanks for the heads up.

Jessica said...

Well there are dangers to everything Ellen. I think it is more dangerous to drive a car down the highway at night than it is to get your damn ear pierced. There sure are a lot more people that die of more stupid stuff than a piercing. My parents had my ears pierced when I was a baby and it caused absolutely no problems. I have seen thousands of people with their ears pierced and with lots of other piercings that are perfectly healthy. In my opinion, I think women need to really think a lot more about breast implant danger than a stupid piercing. I know several people with implants that have been hospitalized and this one girl in my class that lost both her breasts because of it. I think there is danger with all kinds of body modification but ultimately it is up to the consumer if they want to take those risks. Overall, I think piercings are definately safe as long as they are done by professionals with sterile instruments and aftercare procedures are followed to the T.