Sunday, December 03, 2006

Just watched Brokeback

Weekends never seem to last long enough. There will be very few breaks for me for the next two years because of my new Masters program. So I never seem to choose the right movies to watch. Now I am watching Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. I already know it is funny, nothing to worry about. Before this we were watching Brokeback Mountain. I didn't know that it would be that bad of a love story. The movie wasn't unbarable or anything. It was just that a few times you sit back and think, "What the hell happened here?"

Okay, the first sex/rape scene, I did not see that coming. There was no romantic build up. There was nothing. Just a couple of sheep hearders going about thier buisness. It looks like one of them accidently grabs the other in his sleep. I thought that the Heath Ledger character was going to kick his ass, but instead he does something else with it. That seems to be consistant. Heath Ledger just looks like he's pissed off through the whole movie. There is a definite look of disgust on his face that makes the movie kind of amusing.

I think the only reason this movie would ever get any awards is because of the agenda it has. You don't have to see the movie to really figure that out though. Most people I know have not seen it regardless of how much hype it created. It really didn't show at that many movie theaters either when it came out. Anyway, the hype it created was the only reason I bothered to see it in the first place . It just isn't a very good love story, or more of not a very convincing one. Its the second movie I've seen with a gay love story. I kind of knew from the first that I wouldn't really be thrilled about it. Maybe its part of being a conservative Catholic. Oh well, I won't worry too much about it. I'm tired.

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