Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to El!

I just realized as I looked quickly at my archives that my blog is two years old.... Well, it is starting it's third year tomorrow. That is one reason why I can't abandon this thing. I started the blog right after my second semester as a grad student at Texas State. Thus the reason for the address: "blogfromsanmarcos". That doesn't quite fit anymore. I was single at that point. I drank at that point and I will be suprised if I ever have a job that easy again. I started this primarily for pictures and art. It still has that purpose at times. When I look back though I realize there is much more to it. The comments between my friends and I that give away our lives, the random facts of my crazey life and then when I finally met Arthur. I admit that I didn't keep up with this as much once I was at the point of getting married. There are things in your life that are just not for everyone. One thing I was somewhat vocal about was changing from democrat to republican. Though I have to admit once I did changed over I don't bother much with political argument. You find that most are do certain they are right that they won't listen to reason. What reason is there to really try? Oh, I still will everyonce and awhile.

Here are some pics through the years:

First pic on my blog.

Me over three years ago.

Perfect timing on trip to Miami, just in time for Katrina.

Then the wedding.

No pictures for now past the wedding.

This is it for now. Till next time!

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