Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vacation to Manhattan

Vacations are never as long as you wish them to be. I just visited Manhattan for the first time. The city was wonderful and I already can't wait to go back, but for the most part my week seems to be a vacation planning gone bad. Not that the vacation was bad, but lets say it was not what we had expected. It was a good pay period as we took off. We both work by commission and lets say it was a better than average to start off a vacation. One thing after another, by the time we made it to New York we were already broke. I'm not sure why, but that meant we spent the vacation walking. I took the vacation with my family, they asked me what I wanted to do. Considering the condition of finances I could only honestly say that I wanted to see the city. So that is what I spent my time doing for the past week, walking through Manhattan. Lets say I have blisters upon blisters, and I was not in the best conditioned going in. I have no reason walking at all on a normal basis. Recruiting is not the most energetic of jobs. So it was quite an experience to walk so much in such a short time period.

I've been back since Tuesday and I've really felt wonder lust once again. I have to admit that is one reason I was taken by Arthur in the first place, and that is why I am in South Florida. Now, I feel like the city. Maybe New York is too expensive, but I just want to move to a good city. I liked the convenience of the city and the people going back in forth in suits and other business attire. I liked the atmosphere of the New York. I would also like seasons. I'm not meant for the tropics. My allergies and my skin can only take so much of this sun and whatever else there is in the air I am allergic to.

I remember having long conversations about just leaving and going somewhere else. No matter where it was I lived. The problem now is I have a job, which I have recently been promoted at. My husband has a job and is trying to get his business going. All are reasons for me to stay and to be happy staying.

All I need is to be patient. Maybe it will pass as everything else does. How does one remain content with such drives? Arthur says that if I get placements (commission) that I will be happy again. We will see.

I will see if I can load some pics.

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Jack Bennett said...

New York is great (but as a New Yorker I'm biased) everytime I think of moving somewhere else I think of all that I'll miss about the city and stay put. Its not for everyone though and it IS very expensive to live in Manhattan. The outer boroughs are not so bad though. Cost of living is extremely high - my cousin moved to North Carolina and is able to live there comfortably on one-third of what she used to make in NY...and when she lived here she was constantly in debt.

Hope you enjoyed Manhattan though!