Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Time for warm milk....

I can't seem to sleep so it seems as good of time as any to write. The main things on my mind involve work and the fact I just accepted a position elsewhere. It is a little nerve wracking moving from my comfort zone of the position I've been at for the past two years. But I have to remember why I am leaving, respect, money and more time. The ultimate goal. Working for less hours and for more money. It is hard to come by with someone of my work background... which these two years is about all I have.

I spent about a week negotiating the rate and everything for the position. I feel like I moving to an executive position with how long it has taken to get hired on. Though that is definitely not the case.

Enough about work, there is plenty else going on in the world. I feel at times disconnected. Every time I look to the TV though, I can hardly believe what I hear. For instance, does anyone really like these presidential candidates? And if you do, can you provide a LEGITIMATE answer as to why? For the life of me I really do not understand. It appears to me we have a liberal and a communist running against each other. Can you guess which would be each role? Is there really a difference. Its a toss up to me.

Yeah, I use to hate labels, but I really don't care anymore. There seem to be quite legitimate reasons for labels. There is not some way to understand the reason why everyone feels the way they do. Some people just come about their decisions because they "feel like it" or by faith. Now, as a person of faith I do not count against anyone who may come to their decisions with the backing of faith... Provided they still have some amount of reason behind it. And Saint Thomas Aquinas proved many years ago that we can come to decisions on faith WITH the backing of reason. Though I do ask one thing, if you do come by your decision upon faith alone, WHY WON'T YOU AT LEAST ADMIT IT. Few will on the side of liberalism, and no it isn't just the guidance of Ann Coulter that lead me to these thoughts. You realize this in basic conversations.

For instance, try bringing up the topic of abortion or gay rights? Can you legitimately argue these with most people? No you can't. Most people will make decisions on these topics based upon faith and not reason. Now I do admit my faith does guide me with both. But once someone can convince me that gay rights and abortion go along with natural law... I will at least listen, and don't think I haven't read the argument before... At least with abortion.

Anyway. I am going to attempt to sleep again. Since I will be utterly shocked if more than my two to three fans reads this. Two of the three will read in disgust, but hey, what am I but truthful. Goodnight!

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Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Rest well, El. Alex and I are ourselves heading for a catnap.