Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dreams of Children

I've been having the craziest dreams since I was little since being pregnant. Recently they've been more focused on the coming baby, which I don't mind. I dreamed that I was at the ultrasound and shouted out that it was a boy before the doctor could say anything. Then I dreamed of breast feeding. I've also had the nightmares that I know really have no place, but they are a reflection of inadequate sleep. I've done little to interpret dreams recently. Just seems to be a waste of time. Its just strange that the first time I've dreamed of having children. I've dreamed in one having a girl and boy close in age and being with them at Christmas. They seemed still not more than elementary school age. The little girl with tight curls, which is very possible with my husband's genes. And the little boy kind of reminded me of my brother when he was little. It is strange thinking that this is my last holiday season where I will not be a mother. My parents want me to travel, but part of me just wants to spend this one alone with my husband. How many more moments will I have of that? I'm realistic in that sense. But, I am pretty sure my family and his family would be offended by that. Now I am packing for our little move to a bigger place in town, and listening to Christmas music. But week 16 has been uneventful one as for pregnancy, other than at times I do wish I could take my allergy medication. Nothing to do for sinus headaches... Now I need to get back to packing.

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