Thursday, August 26, 2010

Continued List

What I've missed as I've finally got the little one to sleep:

- Breast feeding pilllow, don't remember what its called off hand.
- Rocking chair
- Breast pads and gel pads (I know nothing for formula feeding)
- Cover for feedings where family is around
- Diaper Bag - this can be a large purse too or back pack
- Stroller - try the ones with extra storage space and get the little hook for extra bags
- Rattles and stuffed animals - can't play at first but they love anything bright colored or shiny
- Bath/soap/nail clippers/ thermometer/ brush (if full head of hair like mine)
- Breast feeding bras and tops - comfort is key and they are not always easy to find

That's it for now; but that gives an idea of basics.

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