Thursday, October 10, 2013

Covering of Women's Heads in Mass

I have spent most of my days trying to read up on my faith. To examine things I've had questions on. I got a new rosary bracelet as a reminder of my faith. I just want to be an example for my family. Of course that also means starting to go to mass on Sunday. I have had trouble going to mass on Sundays because of worrying about my daughter and having a broken heal. 

But as shown in the previous post what I have been reading about is head coverings/mantillas/veils in mass. I have been wondering why women have stopped wearing head coverings? My mom stated that it is Vatican II.  It states in Catholic Answers that the Vatican ruled that it is cultural standards and that is why we aren't required to wear head coverings; it does state directly in the bible as I showed previously that women should wear head coverings though. Is it cultural? I know that it is a rarity to see those wearing the veil in mass today and if you did wear  it, you are bound to stand out. The question is does wearing the veil also have to do with modesty? 

I think that it is noticeable that it was dropped during the time of Vatican II as stated by my mom. I think it does have to do with sign of respect and modesty. As it states in the bible as well, women and men should not wear clothing of the other as well (Deuteronomy 22:5). I think it something that shows our submissiveness and differentiates our dress from men. But at the same time I do not wear one. Why? Because no one else does. 

I am contemplating that change, but at first I need to go back to church as I stated. I will let you know how this progresses.

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