Thursday, October 13, 2005

Evidently I have no style (or I've started looking at wedding dresses)

Wedding preparations are on my mind. Its as good of a time as any to start thinking about it. I am engaged, have the ring on finger and both families have been notified. Plus if I don't start thinking of it soon I'm sure my mother and all of my aunts will end up trying to take charge of planning it without me. I would get a call a few months from now from my mother,
"Just show up here at this time. Everything is already planned. Oh yes, we even picked a wedding dress for you from that place in Arkansas on our way to (the festival they go to name goes here)."
Maybe I'm just being paranoid. Regardless, I have started with buying bridal magazines for the first time and looking for such things as wedding dresses. There has been one thing that I find slightly disturbing while looking through the dresses. For example:

Now this one I actually found online. I am completely shocked that they have wedding dresses in red. The first thing that comes to mind when I look at this is Scarlett O'Hara...

Now, she wore that dress because Rhett wanted to show what whore she was, or something like that. Now why the hell would someone want to wear red like that on their wedding day? I always thought of women wanting to dress up like a princess or wearing white because of the image of purity. Red seems to give off the opposite idea.

These are from a bridal magazine. I use to get teenage magazines growing up. I've never been one for Cosmo, so I haven't invested in getting girl or women magazines in years. These pictures bring back memories of those magazines. The reason why, the horrible makeup and the stupid styles. I think it is suppose to be top of the line or something, but who the hell would want to look like that? Especially for their wedding day? I don't think these pictures really bring out how bad the make up job is. I think the artist was going for the corpse bride look with how dark the eyes look. And come on, who would not make fun of that chic for having that thing on her head. Is it part of chandelier or something? Well, I can give them credit for putting the girl in white at least. There was another where the girl wore a black dress with a black veil. I think the designer was confused about the difference between a funeral and a wedding. I would put that one up, but I don't want to look for it right now.

I don't think I'm going to find the dress of my dreams in the magazine. Even if I did I'm sure I'd be paying a good amount for it. I don't think that I want to pay anywhere close to $3000. Maybe x-out one zero and that would be a bit more reasonable. What can I say, I'm cheap! I found my prom dress for $60. I guess weddings end up costing a bit more though. I'm not stressed though. I'm sure I'll find what I want. And this isn't really a put down on bridal magazines, they've been helpful in other areas of the wedding (and there are also some pretty dresses, the odd ones just stand out more). It just seems that according to them I'm not nearly skinny enough and I have no style. But that's what I should expect, right?


Jessica said...

I think that red dress is absolutely gorgeous!
I would NEVER wear it to my wedding though.
As far as purity and the whole white thing. I doubt most people would think you could be that pure and virgin just because the fact you are already living with the dude. I bet you like only 3% of people getting married in the US are actually virgins or pure on their wedding day. But thats cool to give off the image I suppose. But I understand how white is very very traditional and I will DEFINATELY wear white to my wedding. Did you try the bridal discount stores in town. I went with one of my friends a couple months ago to help her and they actually had some okay stuff there. You should go. Just look it up in the yellow pages.

el said...

How harsh Jess, calling me impure. I'm hurt, honestly hurt.Well... Maybe I could wear something with a little red to give off the not so pure look. I really think I'll stick with the white though. I guess the main thing is tradition. Many people aren't as keen on practicing tradition now a days I guess. Let's see what is it? Something borrowed, something blue and then something about a penny in your shoe... Maybe its that they don't remember what the hell the tradition is like myself. I'm up too damn early.

I haven't looked for a wedding dresses yet other than browsing online or in the mags. The house has been all I've been working on. Now I need some breakfast:)

Jessica said...

Yeah, looking at them in real life at the stores is probably your best bet. The place I went with my friend was huge and this is San Antonio for godsake so they have dresses in your size. Skinny ass women don't rule the majority AT ALL here. Hahaha! Its like try finding a size 5 at Old Navy...Not gonna happen. You would find a lot of stuff at those bridal stores. :) Anyways, I wasn't saying you weren't pure but technically you aren't and neither am I. Thats for damn sure! NEITHER one of us is the virgin mary or anything but at least we aren't like hoes or something. What can I say that red dress is pretty. I would totally wear it to like a celebrity awards show. But NOT to a wedding. I'll be wearing white at mine too...If I ever get married which hopefully isn't soon cause my boyfriend wants to move to Europe where his brother lives.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You are into a process that makes me glad I have sons! I have officiated over 200 weddings in my career and the harried brides drained of energy are the most common element in all of them. You have my prayers and blessings!

rho said...

Me and Logan are going to get married this summer and we dont even know where were having the wedding but i already have my dress. I got it at brides here in amarillo. looking at the dresses in magazines really didnt give me any ideas. But when you go out and start trying the dresses on youll find alot that you like.

Anastasia said...

I could see an asian american bride wearing a red dress like that. it's a western style dress but in red, so it honors the eastern tradition of wearing red on your wedding day.

i was a virgin on my wedding day!

but i think these days it's considered pretty appropriate to wear white to your first wedding. maybe its evolved into a symbol of the purity of never having been married before.

i also agree with rho, i never found images of dresses that helpful because they are so silly. the bridal shop is your friend.

ps something old something new something borrowed something blue and a penny (actually a sixpence) in your shoe.

el said...


Congratulations! I don't believe we have met, but I know you're marrying a great guy:)


Thanks for the insight. I didn't think about it being for a different culture.

I did assume that bridal shops are better, I just thought the advertising for dresses were ridiculous enough to post on. I haven't been shopping for anything for the wedding yet:)

Anastasia said...

oh you're right about the adverts. honestly, does anyone want to look like that? Ugh. So ugly. nothing says happily ever after like makeup that would suit a drag queen and I haven't eaten in six months because I'm strung out on heroine!

Mary said...

You are going to be an amazingly beautiful bride, especially because you are marrying my little brother! Congrats!

el said...

Thankyou! I really love you guys and I am happy that I am going to be part of the family soon:) I love your little brother very much!