Saturday, March 03, 2007

News bias

This was in the news section, Conservatives can't explain Ann Coulter away

I started off with interest in the news field, print journalism. The reason I started putting up the Ben Sergent cartoons when I posted earlier is because the college paper I worked for he also started off there. I wanted to work for the news because I actually thought it was a good cause to give people the facts. I lost interest once I realized that was never the intention of those in the media. I should have realized that when studying the history of journalism....

We have reverted to Yellow Journalism with all news sources today. It is the time of posting opinion instead of the facts, and since all are getting the same opinion in the news they assume they are the facts. One example is above link about Ann Coulter. This was the top story for US news section on Google. It is a link to a BLOG first off. Second, it is opinion. It is very misleading to put it on the news section of Google.

There are certain things that I think that the media portray as fact that are simply opinion. The President of the United States is portrayed as stupid. It is thought as fact that he lied to the country about weapons of mass destruction. It is said that he violated international law with going to war with Iraq. It is said that it is scientific fact that global warming is caused by humans and can be controlled by humans. Like it or not, all of these are opinion.

I would go further to explain, but as usual my time is limited for posting. I have an ongoing frustration with the news and all of the trash that is given to our public. Political Correctness has taken over and it has effectively silenced the majority opinion of Americans. This new direction is against Christianity and religion in general. It is against standing up for standards of morality. This is the only opinion as shown by the news. Any thing else is portrayed as bigoted or ignorance. I seriously worry about the direction that we are going in and fill there is no way of correcting it. Does anybody else think that it is wrong where the country's media is for the downfall of its own leaders and is against the military actions taken by the country. I know it is not just the media, it is the left. I was just reminded of the Left's agenda through looking at the Google News. I think that history will not look well on this period, not because of the president but because of it appears to be a new period of Yellow Journalism.


Leo said...

El, I definitely agree with your premise that the news today is more opinion then fact, and share your frustration about it. I disagree however with the idea that this is all liberal bias, as I see an equal amount of conservative opinion touted as fact on the news stations, internet news etc. Frankly, I think it's much easier to spot the bias of the other side, for example easier for me as a liberal to notice any conservative news bias and easier for you as a conservative to spot liberal bias. Do you think that's true? Anyway, I personally would just like to see our news agencies get back to bringing us hard, fact based news, and do away with a lot of the slanted opinion commentators, such as Bill O'Reilly, and that liberal guy on msnbc (sorry, I can't think of his name), because I think they further muddle the news verses opinion situation. I'd also love to see more on the real news of the world and less on the crap like Anna Nicole, Paris Hilton etc.! I say, save that junk for the tabloids. Nice pics., by the way.

el said...

Thanks, I love my new camara! I personally think that liberals have the most problems recognizing bias. I do recognize conservative bias, but most times they are upfront about being conservative and do not try and coat themselves as the one speaking opinion as fact. They are typically very upfront on being opinion. Ah, I hate gossip passing as news as well. That is the most annoying trend. For that reason I have a tendancy to ignore news at certain points as much as I love politics.

Anyway, thanks for the comment.

Leo said...

El, ok I won't bug you by going on and on with this argument, but I have to say one thing, how can you say that conservatives on the news channels are more open about being biased when you guys have a entire news station, Fox, which is Very obviously conservatively biased and yet promotes itself as, "The Fair and Balanced" news? Personally, I still believe that our own biases cause us to overlook bias on our own side, and sometimes to see bias for the other where none was intended. Take care and keep snapping good pics.

el said...

Truthfully I think that Fox probubly has the most balanced news coverage of any news agency. I see where you come from, but might be suprised to hear that truthfully Bill O'Reilly is more of a moderate. They also do show the liberal view points on the network. They just also show conservative as well.

You probubly won't believe me, but that's okay.