Wednesday, June 06, 2007

On with summer

The rainy season has started in South Florida... Oh how I miss regular seasons. Though I know that I, as I've heard all do quite quickly down here, have completely adapted to this subtropical climate. I can't take even the slightest bit of cold weather. Now we are back to the season where there is not the unbearable Texas heat, but there is the feeling that I am constantly in a sauna. The most pleasant part of this time of the year is that all snow birds have flown north for the winter. Everything is now quiet and the traffic has let up. I'll be surprised if there are any news developments down here till about November or December.

Talking about the news, how about all these new presidential candidates? I really don't know myself. Don't care much about the Democrats side. Clinton or Obama? Not in a great situation one way or another. I haven't landed yet on a republican candidate I support. Too many of them so far. Maybe a few will be weeded out soon enough. One I do know, Giuliani isn't my top pick. I don't see him as one to win the hearts of the Christian Right anyway. Support of abortion will definitely kill that no matter what else he supports. Though to touch more on that I definitely need to read more into the news.

My job has recently won out over school. I guess working about fifty hours at a full time job and trying to be a full time online student does not work. I truly did not know that my job would be that much of a work load when I first took it. Though being a physician recruiter is good enough for me right now. I guess being a grad student will wait for now. That does mean though that I have time on my hands in the late afternoons again.

Maybe I'll blog more. I guess we will see.

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