Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Hello everyone. Just stopping by to say happy 4th of July! I always loved this holiday. There are always barbeque's and fire work displays. Growing up this was always a holiday where I was with family. Of course at this time most of my family is scattered. My brother in San Antonio, my father in Huntsville and my mother practically across the globe from us all at this time. I am down here in South Florida with my in laws and an overly anxious dog when it comes to fireworks and thunderstorms. Needless to say it makes the summer a headache here.

But regardless I think it is good to remember what makes this country great and to remember that patriotism is still a good thing when you are from a great country where there is reason to be proud. The 4th of July is to celebrate the freedom from Britain and the end of our fight for independence. Strangely enough I believe that this entire fight started from unfair taxation and it also crazy to think of the progress this nation has gone through since its start. We expanded all the way from the east to the west and we became an incredibly powerful country. Some seem ashamed about this power. I think it is better to be one of the powerful than to be one on the other side. It isn't like the American People didn't work hard to get to that place. I believe next to Japan we probably have one the most competitive countries when it comes to work and growth. Where else can people advance from rags to riches. We all have the ability to advance to incredible positions. I believe that is something great about this country that we should always fight to maintain. The freedom to pursue happiness.

Well, I am going to try and enjoy the holiday. It is great looking back and seeing pictures from 4th of July since I started this. There sure have been many changes. Hope to keep it going for awhile longer....

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