Sunday, October 26, 2008

Others "Why I support Obama"

I've been trying to find why people are supporting Barak Obama. I did google blog search of "Why I support Obama" because I didn't want to get news (and skipped over news blogs). I am not going to post the blogs that came up because I don't wish for the particular bloggers to think I am attacking them individually (people really get personal about this stuff). I also did not use any blogs I am linked to currently. This is the views of ten bloggers in their individual posts:

1. Blogger doesn't believe in the Zionists

2. Blogger believes in socialized medicine, believes in "spreading the wealth", taking troops out of an illegal war,

3. Blogger believes Obama will be a liberal supporter of Israel

4. Blogger says they like Obama's message of "hope" and "change", to clarify, hope of improvement from Bush and change from negative politics from McCain and Palin.

5. Blogger believes because Obama was a Constitutional Law Professor that he will uphold and defend the Constitution.

6. Blogger supports Obama because of his disability plan listed on his site.

7. Blogger said that he has temperament of leader, wants to bring us together, he is young, energetic and slow to anger.

8. Blogger says because the war is based on lies, because of Republicans terrorizing us saying they are the only ones who can protect United States, abortion, and they don't like Sarah Palin.

9. Blogger is a veteran who supports bringing an end to the Iraq War and that Obama brings renewed patriotism and hope.

10. Blogger believes in Obama economic plan, in foriegn affairs, and coming from multicultural background will be good for the US. I believe the blogger is saying that they like how Obama is mixture of east and western cultures.

This was done out of real curiosity. I have not had someone give me reasons for their support of this candidate. I have received answers like 4, 7, 8 (very common). I have to admit that 1 and 3 is amusing that I got that.

Actually I will have to continue this post at another time, so no depth, I have to drive home and will have no internet there. So till the next time I have internet!

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