Monday, October 27, 2008

Others "Why I support McCain"

To go along with the last post I decided to look up on Google blog search "why I support McCain." Just for the hell of it. Same type of thing as the last. Here we go:

1. Blogger supports McCain because of his past military service to country, shows a motivation of desire to serve the country currently, he stands for his core principles, he believes life begins at conception, believes in winning war against terrorism and others (long post and hard to put into one sentence).

2. Blogger stated he supports McCain for he effectively argues against leftist arguments.

3. Blogger supports McCain because of being prolife, service to country, supporting sanctity of marriage, supporting home schooling, morals, and preserving American Heritage.

4. Blogger supports McCain because of upholding human dignity and right to human life.

5. Blogger supports McCain because he understands basics of our economy, because of his leadership capabilities in fighting corruption, and experience to lead our country and will not be pushed around.

6. Blogger supports McCain because everyone's taxes will be lower and McCain's health care bill is cheaper.

7. Blogger said that McCain was able to stand up against Reagan with the Beirut Barracks bombing. (I have to admit I don't remember that one)

8. Blogger said they support McCain because he is a hero and that the blogger respects honor over reputation.

9. Blogger said they understand that we can't pull out of Iraq too quickly and feels safer with McCain.

10. Blogger said they believe McCain is lead more by Jesus Christ.

Time for bed, so I will follow up further on yesterday's post and today's post tomorrow. Goodnight!

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Dan Rust said...

Voters who are still undecided are clearly turned off by attempts to demonize either candidate. See the YouTube video below:

for one person’s perspective on how you can make a reasoned, thoughtful decision to support Obama AND vote for John McCain.