Saturday, November 08, 2008

This election and the Republican base

For better or for worse the country has elected a new President to start off his term in the new year. No suprise on my part as to the outcome and when it came down to it, I was not horribly dissappointed either. I still have great faith in our country and pray for it's leaders. I do pray that they make sound and moral decisions and that this nation made the right decision in the end. This does not mean that I will be singing the praises of our first African American President. I am a realist and the color of his skin really does not matter to me. I find that supporting someone based on the color of their skin versus their merits is a backward step for any who do believe racism is a problem in this country. I personally believe that this country has many good people and racism was really overplayed.

I have read of the need of reorganization of the Republican Party. Some believe in the return to the party of Reagan while others believe in the progression and moderation of the party. This election does prove that the party needs to go to principles that the American people believe in or I believe it's popularity will continue to fade. I do listen to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh most days when work allows, and I have to say that it was a rarity to find an avid McCain supporter. That was why McCain lost: people firmly believed in Obama in the democratic party, the Republicans knew that they did not want Obama and thus voted for McCain out of necessity. I believe many dropped their support for the Republican party as McCain bashed conservative religious leaders at the first of the campaign. It took McCain's choice of Sarah Palin for me to back him, but that was from my morbid hope that somehow she would have taken countrol of presidency sometime during the following four years. For many others, I am sure that was not enough. McCain is far from a populist and is an honorable man, which is why I respect him, but he also is no conservative.

For now my view is to sit back and see what happens to the party. If it returns to it's religious conservative base then I may vote with them again, but if this party's leaders go further to the left I will be looking elsewhere for leadership and I am not speaking of the democratic party either.

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