Saturday, November 01, 2008

New iPhone

I had the instinct till yesterday. I got the phone the day it came out. Well, I have to admit I had problems with it since the day it came out. Still, there were certain things I liked about it. For instance, downloading and playing music with the instinct is one of it's best fetures, and typing is very easy with the instinct (I could use my fingernails which I can't with the iPhone). Other than that the phone lacked the ability to multitask. If I had a text come in and my phone wrang then it would freeze. Voicemail always caused it to freeze especially when you had several in your recently missed application that popped up. For that reason it is a horrible business tool. Blackberry still has no competition there. Lastly, the battery life was horrible. I had to change the battery two to three times a day depending on how much I used it.

Now I have the iPhone. This is my first day to use it and I have to say if this posts then this is something the instinct never let me do. Blogger didn't work on it. The typing function isn't too bad with the autocorrect function, but I still wish I could use my nails. I do know already the Internet browser is better here. I am going to have to test the mail. I have 4 email accounts I use regularly.

I will have to get back to you on which is better. I just got the new phone because I hate Sprint. I just want to let you know you can have multiple lines, a business account, be a preferred customer and their customer service will still be rude. Now I just hope this product is better and that ATT is as well. Till next time!

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