Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our new president

I was told to post quickly before people may think I'm an Obama supporter from the previous post. I assumed that my stance would be obvious, but I will go on. I've found this worship of our new president quite disturbing honestly. I haven't seen this with any previous presidents. I've watched as much coverage as my job allows and was able to catch the inauguration speech in my car getting lunch.

I think if he started requiring worship of everyone we would see people bowing to him chanting "All Hail Obama". Seriously, does this not disturb anyone else? This is stuff that usually only appears in third world countries or dictatorships. That is why I put up the poster on the previous post. The poster looks more like something for Hitler or Lenin.

One great thing about our country is that we don't all agree. I respect President Obama as our new president, but that does not mean that all other views died. He did not win an overwhelming majority as the press publishes.

Also, was anyone disgusted at people booing at Bush and the blatant disrespect given as he left office? He wasn't my favorite president ever, but he was still a good president.

Well, those are one of my few frustrations recently. I have to go to bed.

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