Saturday, March 14, 2009

I've never made a dime from a large business

At least not since I've moved to Florida. I've had the best education and I've seen the best people in these small to medium size businesses as well. I was watching The Entrepreneur on CNBC and they had a special on the creator of SPANX (which after seeing I have to check out). What I also loved about this special is it showed how a person can take an idea and turn it into a business. This also showed how those who have these businesses are the ones who give so much to the rest of their community and the world. No one gives as much as the US. I am not meaning the US government. I mean private citizens of the United States. We are a wealthy and a giving people to the rest of the world. I think that is something that is forgotten to most people. The American Dream is forgotten.

At my current job and the other businesses I've been involved in (it doesn't matter the area), I've seen greater good done for the economy and for society than from what I've seen given from the politicians we have in power. I live in one of the wealthiest areas in the country and I can tell you, these areas can be the most generous as well. For one, I've seen an office grow from three people to now... over
hundred employees in different areas of the world and now over ten locally and continuously growing. They are growing in this economy! This is not the only one that is doing to so either. From the business I started when I first moved to this area, I've known three people who are starting their own businesses on their own (I have my own as well). Now all businesses have the potential to reach the level in which companies like Microsoft or smaller, SPANX... it doesn't matter the industry. I didn't understand this idea of hording by businesses in the media. I can tell you that doesn't make any sense in the makeup of a company. There is always a need for growth. You need growth to bring in more money into the company and you need more employees to handle the growth in business.

I can tell you once I have enough money to do so, the first thing I would like to do is bring in another employee. I am not unique in those regards either. With that you are pouring money into your community. You are giving someone a salary, health insurance to go to the doctor. From there the person can pay their bills, buy their groceries and in such buy other things. All which brings money into other local businesses and thus spreads money for more new jobs. Now, what greater good is there for the community at this time than this, getting others money to live.

Now with these businesses I see the direct correlation in creating jobs and money going into the community. Small businesses are what make US great! These businesses are what grow the economy and create jobs for our citizens. They also create jobs based on what brings in more money to the company. Not based on popular policy (which is not always economical). I've also seen from these companies (as I said before) the inspiration in creating more businesses. In small businesses you tend to learn several different aspects of how a business runs, not just the tasks of your position.

Basically, I don't agree with the idea of pouring money into the government creates jobs. I see government workers that are overpaid per their position and not always put to jobs that are necessarily beneficial. These same workers tend to be the ones who criticize the wealth of the CEOs who worked for their position (I can tell you it is long hours and the comforts they have are justified). What about the wealth of the politicians? Why is that acceptable? They were just elected. They are only there to create laws, not to create jobs. Why? BECAUSE WE DON'T BELIEVE IN COMMUNISM! Why is that? Because it fails over and over again! The Soviet Union and Cuba have shown the great economic successes of communism.

I am inspired by the wealth and giving nature of our people, but at the same time dumbfounded by those we give control of the airwaves and our political institutions. I think we need more inspiration for growth of the businesses our people create, and less talking down of our people and our economy. We are a great people and we seem to be loosing sight of what makes us great.

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