Saturday, March 07, 2009

Visit to the Emergency Room

I feel like I lost a week last week. I ended up in the emergency room last Sunday from loosing all liquids from my body from both ends at the same time. The ER was busy, but they got me on an IV quickly enough when I "got sick" in front of the nurses on multiple occasions.

I spent the day at the ER and didn't get out till past midnight when they felt I was hydrated enough to go home. From there I've been on six different medications and I think 3-4 of them are antibiotics. From all of this they are still not really sure what happened to me and what I had. It frustrates me more than anything. I found out after wards the hospital didn't even run all tests the doctor ordered to find out what I had. They just said it was an infection, and hopefully the antibiotics would take care of it.

Since yesterday I've been able to eat normally again and I'm off the medicines that keep me constantly doped up. Now I am a little frustrated with medical care, but not exactly the way everyone else is. I am frustrated with all the barriers. There are so many excessive staff and crap you go through before seeing a doctor EVEN IF YOU ARE DYING! Now do you think that is going to get better with the government getting further involved with our health care? Now I am fortunate by location. I live in a relatively wealthy area that is not very busy. What if I was in Miami? I had a close relative that had a stroke and ended up sitting in the hallway of the ER for over six hours before seeing a doctor. He was also brought in by an ambulance.

Well, regardless.... I still have stomach pains and I still don't have full energy yet. Hopefully I will be back to my normal self by tomorrow. I tend to be paranoid when it comes to infections and research the hell out of them. My biggest worry is that this was my pancreas. I actually had all the symptoms of pancreatitis according to my doctor. More than likely it was just an infection that the antibiotics took care of it.

Well, till next time!


lady macleod said...

I'm a new reader to your blog and I'm sorry to hear about your recent medical problems. I hope you continue to recover. The fact that you were on the Internet looking up your condition is excellent. I am married to a doctor and have a best friend who was an Intensive care nurse - so do your research.
I never go into the doctor's office without a list! A copy of which is on my computer. It's so easy to get flustered as you are scared and ill to begin with and the doctors tend to rush (an understatement?).

continue to do well. I shall check back.

Dan Lacey said...

Oh, man. Sick just sucks.