Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Can you figure this out?

Okay, I have to catch up on my reading today. No real time for a regular post. I was just remembering something that a friend gave me a while back to figure out. I love these things! Anyway, can you guess what the next line will be in these set of numbers?


Well, try it if you want. I've got to get back to reading. I have a list of five books that I need to have finished within the next few days... yeah right! Well, I can always try. I have a feeling though my prof is going to just be annoyed with me. Que sera, sera...

1 comment:

el said...

If anyone cares:
1-2 1-1
1-1 1-2 2-1
3-1 2-2 1-1

Get it? basically the next line is:
312211 because in the line above there are three ones, two twos, and two ones. Anyway, I guess I am alone on being amused by this.