Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Happy Presidents Day

Yes the ignored holiday... and does anyone have this day off? Not me, that's all I know. Well, I decided to try out this blogging thing. Though I am much better at drawing than writing as you see here, here and here(well, hopfully they are considered good). These are from my best friend Jess's blog. Hmm... not much to say right now, just that I'm starting off. See, not as good with words. I have some pictures... and I'll post later. I work in a computer lab, what else am I going to do, work... ha!


Jessica said...

What do you mean, you'll try this blogging thing. You were the first person to ever have a blog remember? You were the one who got me to do one. Actually, this is your 3rd blog. Anyways, I'm going to put up that poem and that drawing later this evening. Bye

el said...

Well this is my third, but my other two were failures. didn't last long, and never figured out how to put up photos. I guess I should have put I'm trying it."again". Whatever.

davestarr said...

My mom had presidents day off, but she works for the VA sos i guess thier a little biased in favor of govermental agrandizement