Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A few things I wish to get of my chest...

There are a few things I've lied about in the past. Since I've recently decided to stop doing that I thought I'd publically announce a few of the past lies that I don't care if people know. Some of them are no suprise to those who know me:

Lie #1- That I like any type of industrial or hard rock music (I also add most techno to this one as well).

This is what I call "migrine music". If you think that Trent Reznor is part of that group then you can exclude him. I still like NIN. I have a thing for his rather depressing music about the whole world sucking at some points of the year. All others just suck. I won't take the time to list them because I'm horrible at remembering the names of music groups or their song names either. I added techno because this is something I use to say that I really liked as well. Honestly all of this music was stuff that I use to listen to so much that I thought that I liked it. You know, that annoying song that plays on the radio over and over again, and after awhile you think that you want it. That is what that music was like to me. I still love most rock music and I have a thing for "angry female music". That might be my mother's fault. No other feminist stuff stuck to me except for that.

Lie #2- That I'm liberal.

I came clean on that one earlier actually. No suprise there. At one point I did believe I was liberal, but after I discovered I was wrong I still told people I was liberal for awhile. Think it is stupid? You should meet my family then.

Lie #3- That I'm never going back to the Catholic church.

This may be suprising to some who just read the blog. There was a point in my life when I was incredibly confused about what I was going to do religiously. I had been mad at the church. My anger was misplaced and it was someone else's fault. I'm not really going to blame someone else for my falling away from the church. It was stupid of me to say that I wasn't going back though. It is part of my identity. Part of me always knew I was going back. I was lying to myself as much as to everyone else.

Lie #4- That I like the taste of any type of hard liquor.

One time I took a shot of Jack and it came right back up on me and onto the floor. Ever since that incident I have been happy that I can use my reflux as an excuse to not take shots. ALL HARD LIQUOR IS GROSS! I can only take mixed drinks, some beer and wine.

Lie #5- That I have a good memory.

I swear I've said that to someone before, I just can't remember when. I'm serious! Maybe it is that my memory was good and it has failed me recently. I don't know.

Lie #6- That I was ever sexual or slept around or anything of that nature.

I have to put that up because of past things on this blog and others. Other than a few bad experiences from having too much alcohol, I kept to myself most of the time. I'm not a sexual person. I was looking into convents at the same point because I was so upset the way my life was going. I didn't write about it, but its the truth. Now I'm with Art. If it wasn't for him there is a possibility I'd be a nun right now or becoming one. Not that it would have been a bad thing; I know it was not the direction for me.

Lie #7- That I don't want to learn Spanish.

That use to not be a lie, but it is more recently. In high school I could understand some of it and now I don't understand it at all. It really frustrates me. I don't want to take the time to learn it though. I don't think it would work anyway.

That is it for now:)

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Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

El, coming “clean” feels so good. Yet, as I read the confession of your “lies” I see no cardinal sins—unless God took offense at #3, which I doubt. As for the others:

#1 – your whole discussion is beyond an old folkie and hippy like me!

#2 – I still have hopes for you because you are young. Always remember the difference between liberals and conservatives (as a poly sci prof explained to me some 40 or so years ago): “Liberals are concerned with justice and equality, so they hold forums, discussion groups, straw votes, etc. and make serious plans which they then put to the vote; then they usually end up doing something entirely different. Conservatives on the other had, because they don’t give a damn about equality or justice, just do the same thing that their great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather would have done.”

#4 – Good confession: you speak the truth! All hard liquor is gross. From my experience most people don’t drink it for the taste but for the effect. (Why else would one drink a good bourbon mixed with Coca-Cola?)

#5 – Another honest confession; however, I suspect you have what I term as a selective memory. I have a friend who calls every guy she knows “dude” because most of the guys she meets—she says—aren’t worth wasting brain cells remembering.

#6 – Nothing to lie about: many people’s sexuality doesn’t develop until they meet that special someone. Thank God you have met Art!

#7 – Are if studying Spanish? If so, why?

Final Note: I have not proof read what I have written. That is one of my weaknesses: I like to surprise myself!