Thursday, November 03, 2005

Please check this one out

I have stopped posting when I change my blog links. This one I really want people to check out though. I came across this thanks to Jonathan Bennett. It is a high school girl in Sacramento that was expelled from a all girls Catholic school for her activity as a pro-life advocate. I found an article on it:

A 15-year-old girl at a Catholic school who was responsible for alerting her bishop to the presence of a pro-abortion activist teacher on staff at her school has been expelled from the school....Katelyn informed her mother after she recognized Marie Bain, one of the teachers at Loretto, as an escort at a Planned Parenthood abortuary where Katelyn and her family had regularly taken part in pro-life rallies. After unsuccessful attempts to quietly have the school address the situation of Mrs. Bain, Katelyn's mother Wynette Sills sent photos of Bain escorting women into the abortion center to Bishop Weigand....The diocese says it is unable to act on the matter of Katelyn's expulsion. Rev. Charles S. McDermott, S.T.D. Chancellor and Vicar Episcopal for Theological Affairs for the Diocese of Sacramento, explained to that the school is run by an order of nuns popularly known as the Loretto Sisters. Rev. McDermott described the order as "A religious institute in the church which is of pontifical right," explaining that "they are subject in their internal affairs directly to the Holy See and not to the local bishop."

Anyway, I am going to add her to my "Blogs to check out" list. So, please do check it out:

Stand Up and Speak Out

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whitechoclatespacegg said...

That's a stupid reason to get kicked out of school.
I'm just curious did or does Mrs. Bain still work at the Planned Parenthood Abortuary? I just wondered if she was imposing her views on abortion to the girls at the school or not. That doesn't really matter. It's silly to expel someone for speaking out or voiceing concern.....