Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Art has said to me several times how it must be so horrible to be a liberal, they always see that the world is going to hell. I think this cartoon portrays this best. When I first saw this I had to laugh (link). We are all immoral, racist and uncivil; is this all that we will give to the New Year? Yes, because we are such an apathetic people. We are so horrible. Oh, why don't we just go shoot ourselves. This is a wonderful way to start off 2006. Let's think off all the bad sh#@t that will happen to us! Yeah! I am sitting in my living room and I can hear the fire works in the background. Oh, there goes more fire works. They've been going off since the late afternoon. I think no one cares about the fire ban through Texas when it comes to holiday tradition. Because of tradition Art and I will both be eating grapes with black eyed peas washed back with champaigne. No fire works; I don't even usually do those on the 4th of July. Not important. The grape tradition is new to me this year. When I look it up I see that it is a Spanish tradition. You eat twelve grapes at midnight to signify the twelve months of the year. Something that Art's family does. The black eyed peas is just a Southern US tradition. I'm not sure where it came from, but I noticed it is also part of the Jewish tradition. I'm not sure how many you are required to eat, but my mother would have us eat at least a spoon full. I use to hate the taste of black eyed peas. I guess you usually hate anything that isn't sweet when you are little though. I can remember most of my New Year's Eves. It seems that I celebrate it one year and then spend one layed back at home. This year is one to do nothing. It was also a migraine day so I really, really didn't want to leave the house at all today. Didn't work though. I had to leave to run errands. At least now I get to sit back and watch movies. This is my first New Year's with Art. I have a feeling this will be a good year. If everything works out the way I want it to, I'll be married by the end of the year. When I know for certain the wedding date I'll probably put up a count down or something. I just finished watching You've Got Mail and now Sleepless in Seattle is on. I just wanted to say Happy New Year!

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Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I look forward to the countdown to your wedding.