Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Looking for a dog

Since I've finished doing my incompletes I have been loooking for things to occupy my time with. It ends up that I do have plenty of things to unpack since I'm not completely moved into the house yet, but that isn't what I want to talk about. I have decided that I want a dog. I originally wanted a cat, but my fiance is incredibly alergic to cats and you can tell here that he thinks that cats are evil. The animal that I called my own since I was in 1st grade was a cat, and she died a few months ago. Other than that I helped raise a dalmation(Mulder), which my parents have now and I helped my brother with his pitbull Soja. Now I take care of a St. Bernard (Sebastian). I love Sebastian, but he isn't one to sit in your lap (though I know he would be more than happy to do so). Now I don't want to make a mistake in what breed of dog to choose again. I chose the dalmation and though he is a definate part of the family now, I can tell you he wasn't the best dog for me. He dragged me when I was younger and broke my foot. Since then I refuse to walk him or any dog that is bigger(including Sebastian). I was afraid of walking Soja for awhile, but I found that she really wasn't too bad on a leash. So here are a few of the breeds that I think might work so far. I really would want a small or medium size dog that doesn't bark everytime something moves, and I want one that is really good with a family. I can't have a mean dog. Here are a couple of breeds that I've looked good, but I'm not positive about one yet:

1. A beagle

I have little experience with this type of dog. He seemed very sweet, but he ate constantly. He had a sweet tooth. Other than that he was very friendly and didn't seem too annoying. I've looked up information on the breed and it says that the worst trait about these dogs is how stubborn they are, so they are difficult to train.

2. A pug

I've only been around a pug once and he came up to me and jumped in my lap. I find that they are very cute even though they have a horrible snore. I'm afraid of this dog being yappy though, I've also noticed that they have many health problems.

3. A Cavalier

This is one I was just looking into today. It is named after King Charles II and I noticed that it is a dog that has been loved by the aristocracy. Other than that, what I've seen about this dog is that it doesn't bark as much as other toy breeds and it is known to be very affectionate. It has a few possible health problems and it says that it needs to be groomed often. The major probem to me is that I've never seen this dog before or known anyone who has had one.

These are the only dogs that look appealing to me at this point. I've been interested in Golden Retreivers and some other mastiff breeds (which would make Art happy), but they just seem to big to me. Not a very good substitute for a cat. Well, let me know what you think about these breeds, or if you know another that would be better. Please don't say Chihiahia either. They can be sweet, but they bark more than any dog I know. That would give me a headache and I know Art would hate it. I'll let you know if anything new comes up with this subject, but I imagine I'll be looking through for the best type for awhile. Later!


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I vote for the Cavalier!

el said...

My mom just read this and told me I could always take Mulder with me. I don't think he'd be too happy away from my parents. He was originally my dog, but I've lived away from him for years when I went off to college and he likes them much more than me. I don't think she'd really want me to take him.

annalaura said...

golden retreivers are the best, I have two of them and I love them a ton, so sweet, playful and fun.