Monday, February 06, 2006

God save me

Stupid people. I can live with them, but at times I can't stand them. I know they are a regular occurance in whatever area you work in and in whatever area of the world you live in. Hell, I'm sure there is one or two of you out there reading this blog. Still, that doesn't make thier existence any less annoying. This is especially the case when they are together in large numbers, because their logic becomes dominant regardless of them being right or wrong. I'll give an example. I can tell you that the company that I work for has part of their customer service in India. I have to admit this usually annoys me. Whenever I call for service and I hear that Indian accent I get the impression that the company does not care for their customers. I think it really effects the quality of service that is given and it is a horrible trend for companies to take. This was a discussion in class today. Those were the reasons that I saw for it being a negative thing, but the class spent a few hours discussing the poor Indians making the same amount of money in India that we make in an hour here in the US. These people are not working in sweat shops either. They have benefits of working for our company and are payed a reasonable amount for where they live. That wasn't good enough for my genius instructor and the class that followed. They wanted the people in India to make the same amount. "How would those poor Indians feel if they came here and noticed they make so much less than we do here in the US?" Also, "Isn't it horrible that they have them use American names for their job". The instructor's response, "I refused to go train them in India when I was asked. I thought it was just wrong." Isn't that great for the company. Think about how much money the company is saving from doing this. What are they wanting, to inflate the economies in the rest of the world so they can be just as outragious as California. I think the most annoying part of this is the length of time they spent on this subject, and me saying anything contrary to them makes me look like a jack ass. I just need some rest. I'll be dealing with people like this for the rest of my life. I thought I'd be use to them by now. I need sleep.

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