Thursday, February 09, 2006

Training with Bob

I am in a classroom setting most of the time recently. Shouldn't I be use to it by now? It feels more like high school than college. That could be what is getting to me. I think its just the way people treat each other. I'll give an example. There is this one older gentleman, I'll call him Bob. Bob has been with the company for years. He thinks he is superior to everyone else in the class. He makes a point to mumble the answer to everything that the instructor says just to prove that he already knows everything. I know this because I usually get stuck next to him. Let's just say Bob has a big mouth in general. I think he uses it mostly to make himself look superior. There was a lady that was fired a couple of days ago because she tried to do her college classes with the classes here, and she didn't make it in one day... maybe two, doesn't matter. Bob made a point to yell about how much of a "stupid ass" she was for taking this job and wasting the company's money if she was going to put her school work over this. Another instance today Bob told us in class that we were wasting his precious classroom time. We were questioning the instructor about the company, and it was not interesting enough for Bob since he has been with the company for years. Of course, I don't understand how Bob can feel so important when at his age he is going into the same position as I am after working for this company for years. Well, Bob is one of several people that make me feel like I'm in high school. I go along with my mouth shut most of the time. I just hope I don't pop on someone... especially during class. If I get too pissed I have a tendancy to do that. And what if Bob ends up being my supervisor later on? I think it is best to keep quiet because of that. I just dump everything that is bothering me on Art. I need to be the usual quiet sweet little girl that I am. I use my cheerleader smile and go on with my day. I just wish they could of had the training at home.

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Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

There are a lot of Bobs in the world. Unfortunately, they make it difficult to ignore them, which would be my preference. Take care!