Friday, April 28, 2006

Baskin Robbins( why you should be wary eating it in Miami) and my luck with the job market

I've got two stories for you. The first happened tonight just a little while ago. First, how many people at Baskin Robbins does it take to make a sundae? Well, my first response would be one, but tonight I had three people attempt to make one and they all FAILED. I walk in and point out this sundae that I want with bananas. The guy looks at me and says that he doesn't know how to make it. I looked at him in suprise. I called over my husband to tell him. I couldn't believe that there was someone so stupid that he couldn't make a sundae. Then he went over and got a second person. That guy cut up the banana and told the other to get three scoops of ice cream. The ice cream was new and after of five minutes of him banging one scoop into the other to get into the ice cream, I leaned over the counter and told him he might want to run the scoop through hot water. It took him probubly another few minutes to get the cup half full with ice cream. Then he went over to chat with the other guy about how to put bananas into the sundae, which neither of them knew how to do. Then they told me that the carmel was out and the hot fudge was burnt, and by the way "we don't know where the cherries are". By that point I gave up. We had been there for at least twenty minutes and the manager was over there trying to help them. I have to say she was getting no where. So we said, "refund our money". Of course, I made a few comments about how ridiculous this was and my husband got back the money. As we walked out the guy told my husband to go f*ck himself. I would have cussed the guy out if I had heard it, but I was already outside and didn't know why Art was still inside. Anyway, I have to say that was my worst experience at an ice cream place ever! These people were not mentally ill or anything either. They were just lazy idiots. I simply went somewhere else and got my sundae in 30 seconds. I had to get that out of my system and I hope this pops up on google when someone looks up Baskin Robbins:)

Now for what I refered to yesterday. I am once again unemployed. I worked for the airlines industry for three months. It was a pretty cool job if you are good at customer service. There is never a boring day. I guess that is why Southwest has a show on it (I worked for United though, never Southwest!). Unfortunatly I needed to leave that position so that Art and I could go on to our new home. But this means I am on the job search once again. And there is something that I must warn all my fellow unemployed bloggers in their common search for employment. Beware of scam jobs! I know this is everywhere. I had a similar problem in College Station, but now I'm in a big city it is much more prevelant. These jobs will contact you before anyone else. In my situation an hour after I sent my resume through monster. They also have a ton of adds that do not say what the job is about. When you talk to them at the interview they usually say something about sales for fortune 400 company. The two I have encountered here are the Niko group and Miamimarketingworks. I'll let you know if I find anymore. They lie about benefits and have horrible pay. From what I have heard their product is no good either. A good way to find this information out, and how I discovered this was looking the company up on Here is also a list of how to avoid jobs scams. I unfortunatly wasted my time with my first interview with one of these companies. I only discovered it was a scam after looking it up later. At least I got the experience of driving in the city. But still, no job and more interviews next week. It is looking promising though. It is definatly going quicker than in San Antonio!

So, no idea on what I will write on next time.... I'm sure something will come up:)


Art said...

You forgot to mention that there was a third guy supervising the scooping of ice cream. I just loved how when I mentioned how I had never in my life seen three people try to make a sundae and fail, the guys tells me that "I should try going more places." He was standing next to the manager at the time. Gotta love it.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Hmmm. I have never had that problem in a store like Baskin-Robbins. I have had it in a bar when the bartender didn’t know how to make a drink. (I once dated a woman who drank a cocktail called “Sex on the Beach.” So many bartenders didn’t know how to make it that I finally printed copies of the recipe on my computer and carried them with me to give to bartenders whenever that woman and I went out).

Nor have I ever heard an employee in an ice cream parlor tell a patron to “to go f*ck himself.” Ice Cream parlors are usually full of kids, aren’t they?

Thanks for the two inks. I used them to check out the insurance company for whom I begin work next Monday. Thankfully, I’m safe!

whitechoclatespacegg said...

It's funny you mention bad service at a place like that. I rarely go to Baskin-Robbins myself. But my older brother and I went into McDonald's yesterday, on our 10 minute break at work, for nothing but coffee. He hadn't heard and I don't know if you know, but they put the cream and sugar in the coffee for you. The girl asked him how many creams he wanted and he said why do you want to put the cream in my coffee, don't you trust me. She just stared blankly. Once she took his money she took my order. It was just a large black coffee, and the guy behind me ordered the same. Ok, so it was morning, give them a break right? Except, my brothers coffee was misdirected to another customer. The girl at the register had no customers for 3 minutes and she just stood there, then she requested a bathroom break meanwhile another girl was back there fiddling with the coffee pots. We must have stood there 10 minutes before the girl came back from the restroom and finally poured our coffee. Actually, she took forever when she finally got to that too. Another person from behind the counter asked us what we were waiting on and when we told her she gave us a look like, why don't you have it already? So she went to getting our coffee also. Needless to say we were highly annoyed. We barely had time to walk back to work let alone drink our coffee, and by the time we were finished it was raining.

I also have a story about going to a bar on St. Patrick's day a couple of years ago. The owner had made up a bunch of drinks on a special menu for the day. Neither of the bartenders knew how to make them but they passed out the flyers to customers as they came in. Apparently I was the only one that thought it would be fun to try them. First the bartender said he'd ask the other bartender how to make it. Finally after the third drink my boyfriend and I tried the bartender said the owner just made the drinks up the night before but they hadn't ever made them before. That's really more of a story of strange management though because the drinks were fine, just had to wait while they figured it out. And the sign of a good bartender, to me, is if they can figure out drinks on the fly like that.

I'm actually full of stories of bad or strange service even from the food service industry. Good to see you made it alright. Good luck adjusting, I'm sure you'll do fine.

Jay said...

Ohmigod, I cannot believe that they had a meeting about bananas! What idiots.

I wish you luck on the job hunt - at least you've had a throw-away interview for practise.

Jessica said...

Where does Art work?????

Anyways, I hope the job hunt goes well...I'm looking for a job myself. Just started looking yesterday...Already been offered one job but it didn't pay enough so I turned it down. Anyways, have fun in Miami...

Jack Bennett said...

I do not even bother going on jobs that have anything to do with selling anything, ESPECIALLY on commission with little or no pay, thats just a straight road to poverty (unless you can lie well).