Saturday, April 22, 2006

New Home

Well, we're not in our new home just yet. That'll probably happen in a month or so, but I made it to Miami. A two and a half days car trip with a St. Bernard in the back seat. I have to admit that Sebastien is a great dog and really easy to travel with, but I don't recommend such a long trip with a large dog. You can't really stop and do anything. We were originally planning to go through Savannah, Georgia, but Seby doesn't do too well in strange places by himself. Plus, no place really allows St. Bernards. The first place we stayed at was in Mississippi, and we were told that there is a 15 pound limit but no one checks. The second place we stayed at was about 100 miles out of Miami and the guy was new and let us take him in. So it was luck both times.

Other than that we stopped in Vicksburg, Mississippi for the Military Park for the Seige of Vicksburg. I've only been to three battlefields so far and I have to say that I am very impressed with this one. Arthur pointed out that it was probably because this was one where the union won. I really need to see Gettysburg, I'm that one would be even better. I may have pictures up from it after awhile. Though I accidently packed my digital, so I have to use my regular camera till then.

So... now I'm in Miami. It is wierd thinking that this isn't a place that I'm moving for my parents or for school. I'm not sure how its going to be. Honestly the city scares me. It takes me awhile to have any city grow on me. I am much more of a small town girl. Well... I guess I will update on what happens from this new move. It is too early to write anything about it now. We are just incredibly happy to be out of the car. Till next time:)

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Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Glad you three made it safely to Miami. I wouldn’t want that kind of drive with a Saint Bernard in the car!