Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Immigration and Palin (again)

I have to say that much that I have heard about Palin has been on personal level and her social conservative stances. What about in other areas. For instance, what is her stance on immigration? Do they even have a problem with this in Alaska?

Now McCain did hit a hot ticket when it comes to someone relating to the rest of the country with energy, but immigration is hardly heard of and that worries me. I looked it up and there is article after article that says that she is silent in that arena. This is a big deal in Florida. There are protesters every weekend in my area from the policies of having a "sanctuary city."

What does this mean? We have an under class in this society. This is almost like an unspeakables, I think that is in Indian culture but I am not sure. These are people that are brought to this country (believe me they could not make it to my area otherwise, they ride bikes for transportation), for no other reason to be servers. Supposedly to do work that whites will not, though I saw them do the same jobs not too many years ago. They have no rights as citizens and they will not because of thier status. How are they different from slaves?

Now the argument is that this is better than their country. Now I am sure it is, but how will they ever make their country better if they are not there. We work for our country, why can't they work for theirs?

Okay enough of that, I meant to write on Palin and not immigration. Basically, I am not completely sold. This is even with Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh seeming to be perfectly behind her and other strong conservatives. I think the reason I am not mainly is because I have never seen McCain as a conservative and I don't understand how just picking her makes him one.

Will he actually take a more conservative stance? Or is he just using her to bring in the votes? I should be happy with just her, but I need to see more of her to decide and see more of her without just constant attacks. Can't people just ask her questions without attacking her? I have lost faith in the media long ago, but I keep watching with hope to get some accurate information.

Enough ranting I am about to fall over in exhaustion. Drank night quill before writing this and my eyes are growing heavier and heavier. Surprised I can get coherent thoughts out. Goodnight!


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

El, I so hope that the NyQuil helped with your symptoms and you're feeling better.

As for the election, I'm sure by now you know my philosophy. And Governor Palin doesn't sunscribe to it.

Blessings, my dear friend.

pavocavalry said...

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