Monday, February 16, 2009

Shorter Posts, Happy President's Day

I figured out if I do not do quick posts I will not post at all. No reason other than time during the day. I wonder how any full time worker can keep one of these things up unless this is part of your job.

There are a couple of things that I wanted to bring up of interest. One, happy President's Day! I thought this was interesting. So historians can accurately say how our president who just left office is ranked with all other presidents in history? There is too much political beliefs imposed on this... Especially with Roosevelt's ranking. I am also surprised that any president is ranked over our President Washington. Without Washington leaving office we would not have the tradition of the presidency in the first place, he left after two terms.

Another, I had an idea to post on my upbringing and how I turned out with ideals opposite to my parents. My brother is very liberal and I am very conservative. But, now I am watching a program on the McCain campaign and conservatives in the country... Of course, I don't think of those who support McCain with fervor as very strong conservatives. I am waiting for them to show everyone as idiots. We will see.

Talk to you later.

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