Sunday, February 01, 2009

No more in vitro

Now to another subject that effects me personally and I hate that I find out just now. The Vatican reaffirmed its stance on fertility issues, and confirmed their stance against in vitro fertilization.

I have found this out after my first appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist and also in discussing in vitro as an option (with all others failing of course). Thankfully it seemed I would have had more options before this anyway. First I have to check if there is anything else other than that and we also have other fertility options before we get to this. The reason I made it this far is because of my PCOS and my use of Clomid already about 3-4 times without success.

Well, I don't feel broken up about this. I never wished to do anything immoral when it came to starting my family. I wouldn't have thought to look it up so soon if it wasn't for the mother who just had eight babies after already having six. I could not imagine being in her place and I wonder how she is going to do this as a single mother. Of course, there is always the possibility that she could be picked up by TLC. That brings up the point of some of these methods of fertility treatment do seem rather questionable in thier techniques. I had thought before that as long as you use all eggs that invitro would be appropriate, but that is not the case. Also, there is the high possibility that I would be in the place as this women (except not single). John and Kate plus eight is not my idea of an ideal family. I just wish to have a child. I will do with whatever God provides for me.

Tomorrow I trying one other option. I am seeing if a doctor will let me do this weight loss procedure. It isn't bypass or lapband (I don't weight enough for that). It is something new. I will write more on it if I decide to go forward with it. This may give me a healthier pregnancy and a possibility at a perfectly natural one. I pray that it works.

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