Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Slavery and Illegal Immigration

I know I haven't seen much of illegal immigration problems outside of Miami and my current home, a "sanctuary city". This means I see illegal immigrants on a daily basis, but not the extent on their treatment in day to day life. I've been appalled whenever I hear of religious organizations or others helping such people come to this country. I have heard of their reasons and how wonderful this opportunity is compared to staying at their current home. I can tell you though, they don't live the life of an American, they live the life of a slave.

Illegal Immigrants come here because they can work to stay in this country and usually to send money back home whether be to Mexico, Guatemala, or other countries they may originate from. Because of their employment being illegal in the first place they live and work without the regulations that apply to American Citizens. Think of all the laws in place to protect us and to be sure that we are safe, have a livable income and other such protections.

In the town I live in they appear as an underclass, untouchables. They aren't acknowledged by the regular people on day to day life. Their main mode of transportation are bicycles and I have to admit that I am unfamiliar with their work conditions. Basically, those who wish to keep the illegal immigrants here are fighting for the right to keep these people as an underclass to serve here rather then act as men and women citizens in their country. Do you ever question what would happen if those immigrants from Mexico didn't have the outlet to come here? What would happen if they had to stay where they were? Would their be any improvement of their country?

I don't know if I am right in that regards, but I do know that our current politicians are wrong. Wrong for keeping people in these situations and not providing us with protection from letting more to come over freely. There are reasons people run from home, some for opportunity, but not all reasons are good ones. Well, I was going to write more on this, but enough for tonight. Goodnight.

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